New Online Resource: Translation : An International Encyclopedia of Translation Studies

translatingAre you in the midst of a translating project or searching for an authoritative translation of a source? The Library recently acquired the online edition of Translation : An International Encyclopedia of Translation Studies

I did some sample searches in it and found that there are broad essays on topics such as:

  • Translation as an object of reflection in gender studies
  • Contact situations and barriers to intercultural communication: Orality, non-alphabetic writing systems and translation

The essays run between 10 and 30 pages and could be supplementary readings for a class. The essays also have rich bibliographies available on each topic. I enjoyed scanning the topics but I was disheartened to not be able to search for specific author and/or literary genres. For example, I searched for Edmund Spenser and his translation work of French Poet, Joachim Du Bellay and got no hits in this resource.  However, the online encyclopedia is part of the suite of De Gruyter products and I was led to additional De Gruyter literary focused resources.

The technical interface of the encyclopedia is a bit awkward as each entry is a pdf download. Having the entries as only pdf makes me wonder if the encyclopedia is not searching the full text of the entries but instead only by subject, title, and author fields. Last thing I’d like to add about the interface is that they are testing a comment field which allows one to actually comment on entries.

Let me know if you have any questions or more insight about Translation : An International Encyclopedia of Translation Studies.

-Daria Carson-Dussán (E: carson-dussan AT )

About the author

Daria is a subject librarian for Romance Languages & Literatures, Latin American Studies, and Linguistics at Washington University in St. Louis.