New Online Resource: Taiyō

We now have an online access to the archive of 太陽 (Taiyō), a popular magazine published in Japan from 1895 (Meiji 28) to 1928 (Showa 3), through the JapanKnowledge platform. Previously it was available on CD-ROMs, but now you can read all the digitized pages from the comfort of your own web browser. Because the archive is integrated into JapanKnowledge, you can also search its content using the platform’s basic search screen. (We still own the CR-ROMs, too – you can check them out from the East Asian Library if you prefer to use them).

And can we say this is a very timely acquisition, when everyone’s focus is on the sun, in anticipation of the total solar eclipse next Monday? Taiyō in Japanese means exactly that – the sun – as you can see as the parallel title of the publication on the front page of the first issue (pictured above).

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