New journal available – Matters – single observation publishing

I’ve been seeing information about this new journal, Matters or sometimes called Science Matters, for a few months now but there finally seem to be some “articles” available now:

Matters, Feb. 2016+; open access.

The “Why Matters” page on the journal website reads, “Observations, not stories, are the pillars of good science. Today’s journals however, favor story-telling over observations, and congruency over complexity. As a consequence, there is a pressure to tell only good stories. Moreover, incentives associated with publishing in high-impact journals lead to loss of scientifically and ethically sound observations that do not fit the storyline, and in some unfortunate cases also to fraudulence. The resulting non-communication of data and irreproducibility not only delays scientific progress, but also negatively affects society as a whole. Here at Matters, we publish the true unit of science, the observation…”

More: Got just a single observation? New journal will publish it, by Esther Landhuis in ScienceInsider, Dec. 2, 2015.

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