New Electronic Resources at University Libraries

University Libraries recently purchased a number of new eresources. Here are some details about the collections.

Caribbean Newspapers (1718-1876): This collection has been created in cooperation with the American Antiquarian Society and features more than 140 newspapers from 22 islands. A comprehensive primary resource for students and scholars, it chronicles the region’s evolution across two centuries through eyewitness reporting, editorials, legislative information, letters, poetry, advertisements, obituaries and other news items.

APS Archive Collection: The American Physical Society (APS) is a nonprofit membership organization formed to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. The archive provides perpetual access to all of the high-quality research published in the APS Physical Review collection since 1893. The Archive is seamlessly integrated into the APS journals platform and enables users to search, review, and download papers from the entire Physical Review collection.

China Doctoral & Masters Dissertations (series F, G, H):The goal of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) is to share China’s knowledge with the world, providing answers for deeper and more comprehensive research. CNKI provides the most comprehensive, highest-quality database of dissertations and theses in China.  We have purchased doctoral and masters’ dissertations from Series F (Literature/History/Philosophy), Series G (Economics/Politics/Law), and Series H (Education/Social Sciences).

Early American Newspapers, American Religion: Denominational Newspapers: This collection focuses exclusively on American denominational newspapers during the age of religion, all published between 1799 and 1900. The collection contains more than 320 newspapers from over 30 states. This unique collection provides invaluable denominational insight, as well as news and opinions on divisive local, regional and national issues of high interest to congregants. The newspapers provide important commentary on such social issues as slavery, women’s suffrage and the Temperance movement.

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Literary & Critical Theory: Literary and critical theory encompasses a range of topics, including periods, movements, themes and works that make it a dynamic field of study. This collection provides researchers with a pathway to the most accurate and reliable resources.  Every article is an authoritative guide to the current scholarship, written and reviewed by academic experts, with original commentary and annotations. This collection covers other disciplines that feed into and are often transformed by literary theory, including linguistics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, sociology, the social sciences and work from non-Anglophone cultures and traditions.

Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda, Module 1: Wars & Revolutions: Sourced from the British Film Institute archives, Socialism on Film documents the communist world from the Russian Revolution until the 1980s. All of the films in this collection have been digitized from the original 16mm and 35mm film reels. The films cover all aspects of socialist life, from society, war, culture, the Cold War, memory and contemporaneous views on current affairs. Footage includes documentaries, newsreels and feature films. Geographically, the films deal with the Soviet Union alongside significant groupings of material on Vietnam, China, Korea, the German Democratic Republic and Eastern Europe, Britain, Spain, Latin America and Cuba.

Special Publications, Geological Society of London (coming soon): The Geological Society of London was founded in 1807. Its aims are to improve knowledge and understanding of the Earth, to promote Earth science education and awareness, and to promote professional excellence and ethical standards in the work of Earth scientists.  It is a world leader in Earth science communications. It also provides impartial scientific information and evidence to support policy-making and public debate about the challenges facing humanity. Special Publications are the Society’s flagship series, renowned throughout the global geoscience community for their high quality of science and production. They represent a state-of-the-art treatment of their subject matter. We have purchased Special Publications Archives I (1964-1996), which contains 2500 articles and over 41,000 pages.

Treatise on Geochemistry, 2nd edition: This is an extensively updated new edition of the widely acclaimed Treatise on Geochemistry; about 66% of the content has been revised, 126 new chapters were added, and the number of volumes has grown from nine to 15 in this edition. Five new volumes include the history of the atmosphere, geochemistry of mineral deposits, archaeology and anthropology, organic geochemistry and analytical geochemistry. In addition, the original Volume 1, “Meteorites, Comets, and Planets,” was expanded into two separate volumes dealing with meteorites and planets, respectively.

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