New eBOOKs in series Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik

We now have access to the following new volumes in the series Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik:

Der Essay als Universalgattung des Zeitalters : Diskurse, Themen und Positionen zwischen Jahrhundertwende und Nachkriegszeit / herausgegeben von Michael Ansel, Jürgen Egyptien, Hans-Edwin Friedrich. Leiden ; Boston : Brill Rodopi, [2016].

SUMMARY: “Seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre ist die Essay-Forschung wieder in Bewegung geraten. Während ältere Untersuchungen auf einen Überblick der Gattungsgeschichte fixiert waren, hat sich nunmehr das Postulat einer notwendigen Historisierung der Essayproduktion durchgesetzt. Zugleich ist die Einsicht in die besondere Bedeutung des Reflexionsmediums Essay für die gattungsauflösende literarische Moderne und die durch vielfältige Medieninnovationen geprägte Postmoderne gewachsen. Daher begreift der Sammelband, der sich bewusst von gängigen literaturgeschichtlichen Epochengliederungen abgrenzt, den bis heute in fast unüberschaubarer Vielfältigkeit auftretenden Essay als Universalgattung des Zeitalters. Präsentiert werden neben bereits bekannte(re)n Autoren auch solche, deren einschlägiges Werk bislang kaum Aufmerksamkeit erregt hat. Die behandelten Essays werden unter vier systematischen Fragestellungen diskutiert: Gattung und Form, kognitive Aspekte, Themenspektrum und institutionelle Verortung sowie Medialität.” — Provided by publisher.

Networks of refugees from Nazi Germany : continuities, reorientations, and collaborations in exile / edited by Helga Schreckenberger. Leiden ; Boston : Brill Rodopi, [2016].

SUMMARY: “This volume focuses on coalitions and collaborations formed by refugees from Nazi Germany in their host countries. Exile from Nazi Germany was a global phenomenon involving the expulsion and displacement of entire families, organizations, and communities. While forced emigration inevitably meant loss of familiar structures and surroundings, successful integration into often very foreign cultures was possible due to the exiles’ ability to access and/or establish networks. By focusing on such networks rather than on individual experiences, the contributions in this volume provide a complex and nuanced analysis of the multifaceted, interacting factors of the exile experience. This approach connects the NS-exile to other forms of displacement and persecution and locates it within the ruptures of civilization dominating the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Contributors are: Dieter Adolph, Jacob Boas, Margit Franz, Katherine Holland, Birgit Maier-Katkin Leonie Marx, Wolfgang Mieder, Thomas Schneider, Helga Schreckenberger, Swen Steinberg, Karina von Tippelskirch, Jörg Thunecke, Jacqueline Vansant, and Veronika Zwerger”–Provided by publisher. Also available in print.

Scholarly editing and German literature : revision, revaluation, edition / edited by Lydia Jones, Bodo Plachta, Gaby Pailer, Catherine Karen Roy. Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2016].

SUMMARY: Scholarly editing and German literature: Revision, revaluation, edition offers international perspectives on the process, products and impacts on schlarly editing, a commonly overlooked aspect of literary scholarship. Contributions range in subject from medieval to contemporary, correspondence to poetry, and, in form, from reports on works in progress to theoretical considerations. Bodo Plachta’s observation that schools of scholarly editing in North America and Europe share a common origin and a basic set of common premises opens the volume and serves as an introduction to the five thematic groups: Material and Extralinguistic Elements and the Construction of Meaning, The Process of Editing and Editing Process, Edition and Commentary, Editing and Similar Second-Order Processes and Textual Creation, Edition and Canon(ization).–Publisher’s description.

Voices from exile : essays in memory of Hamish Ritchie / edited by Ian Wallace. Leiden ; Boston : Brill/Rodopi, [2015]

SUMMARY: “The sixteen essays in this volume are a tribute to Hamish Ritchie’s deep interest in exile as a literary and historical phenomenon. The first eight focus on the British and Irish context, including studies of Jürgen Kuczynski and his family, Martin Miller, Lilly Kann, Hermann Sinsheimer, Albin Stuebs, and Ludwig Hopf, as well as contributions on the Association of Jewish Refugees, the Büchergilde Gutenberg, and the exile experience as reflected in Klaus Mann’s Der Vulkan. The following four contributions widen the discussion to encompass Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Yugoslavia by focusing on the diaries of Anne Frank and Etty Hillesum, the early poetry of Bertolt Brecht, and works by Vladimir Vertlib, Aleksandar Ajzinberg, and David Albahari. The historical dimension is deepened with contributions on William Joyce, Joseph Jonas, the marginalisation of the mass emigration of the Jews within German memory, and the ‘exile’ of princesses for whom until recent times marriage often meant a life far from home”– Provided by publisher. Also available in print.

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