New Books in Jewish Studies: July 2018 – October 2018


BF275 .T67 2018 Touch and the ancient senses / edited by Alex Purves.London : Routledge, 2018.
BJ1280 .G78 2010 Die Sittenlehre des Judenthums andern Bekenntnissen gegenüber : nebst dem geschichtlichen Nachweise über die Entstehung und Bedeutung des Pharisaismus und dessen Verhältniss zum Stifter der christlichen Religion / Elias Grünebaum. Köln : Böhlau, 2010.
BM176 .E27 2018 Early Judaism : new insights and scholarship / edited by Frederick E. Greenspahn. New York : New York University Press, [2018]
BM198.3 .B53 2018 Hasidism : a new history / David Biale, David Assaf, Benjamin Brown, Uriel Gellman, Samuel C. Heilman, Moshe Rosman, Gadi Sagiv, and Marcin Wodzinski   with an afterword by Arthur Green. Princeton   Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2018]
BM198.3 .W63 2018 Historical atlas of Hasidism / Marcin Wodziński, cartography by Waldemar Spallek. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2018]
BM205 .H376 2018 The soul of Judaism : Jews of African descent in America / Bruce D. Haynes. New York : New York University Press, [2018]
BM205 .W45 2018 The chosen wars : how Judaism became an American religion / Steven R. Weisman. New York, NY : Simon & Schuster, 2018.
BM205 .W457 2018 The new American Judaism : how Jews practice their religion today / Jack Wertheimer. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2018]
BM450.555 .F54 2018 Figures who shape scriptures, scriptures that shape figures : essays in honour of Benjamin G. Wright III / edited by Geza G. Xeravits and Greg Schmidt Goering. Berlin : De Gruyter, [2018].
BM496.6 .H43 2018 Hebrew texts in Jewish, Christian and Muslim surroundings / edited by Klaas Spronk, Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman. Leiden   Boston : Brill, [2018]
BM500.2 .B69 2017 Essays. Selections The Talmud  : a personal take : selected essays / Daniel Boyarin   edited by Tal Hever-Chybowski. Tübingen, Germany : Mohr Siebeck, [2017]
BM506 .T5 2018 Talmud. Temurah. Binding fragments of Tractate Temurah and the problem of Lishana ‘Aḥarina / by Matthew S. Goldstone and Lawrence H. Schiffman   with Edna Engel, Anne Hillam, Laura McCann, and Marvin Taylor. Leiden   Boston : Brill, [2018]
BM521 .S256 2018 Halakhah : the Rabbinic idea of law / Chaim N. Saiman. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2018.
BM538.P3 M58 2018 Does Judaism condone violence? : holiness and ethics in the Jewish tradition / Alan L. Mittleman. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2018]
BM545.D35 R49 2018 Rewriting Maimonides : early commentaries on the Guide of the Perplexed / Igor H. De Souza. Berlin   Boston : Walter De Gruyter GmbH, [2018]
BM603 .D53 2018 Jewish theology unbound / James A. Diamond. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018.
BM610 .S54 2018 The idea of monotheism : the evolution of a foundational concept / Jack Shechter. Lanham, Maryland : Hamilton Books, [2018]
BM755.S6144 R96 2018 Nietzsche, Soloveitchik, and contemporary Jewish philosophy / Daniel Rynhold, professor of Jewish Philosophy, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University, New York   Michael J. Harris, Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018.
BP173.J8 M87 2014 Muslim-Jewish relations in the Middle Islamic Period : Jews in the Ayyubid and Mamluk Sultanates (1171-1517) / Stephan Conermann (ed.). Göttingen, Germany : V&R unipress : Bonn University Press, [2017]
BR333.5.J4 P337 2017 Luther on Jews and Judaism : a review of his ‘Judenschriften’ / Steven Paas. Zürich : LIT, [2017]
BS1199.F66 F76 2017 From forbidden fruit to milk and honey : a commentary on food in the Torah / [edited by] Diana Lipton. Jerusalem : Urim Publications, [2018]
BS1225.54 .R32413 2017 Sṭaṭus ha-Yehudi. English #Parasha : weekly Insights from a leading Israeli Journalist / Sivan Rahav-Meir   translated by Chava Wilschanski.  New Milford, CT : Menorah Books Ltd, 2017.
BS1515.52 .W55 2006 A critical and exegetical commentary on Isaiah 1-27 / by H.G.M. Williamson. London   New York : T & T Clark, ©2006-
BS1565.52 .G78 2017 Hosea : a textual commentary / Mayer I. Gruber. London   New York, NY : Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2017.
BS2815.52 .R63 2018 Jude on the attack : a comparative analysis of the Epistle of Jude, Jewish judgement oracles, and Greco-Roman invective / Alexandra Robinson. London, UK   New York, NY, USA : Bloomsbury T&T Clark, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018.
BS580.A4 A33 2017 Adam and Eve story in Jewish, Christian and Islamic perpsectives / edited by Antti Laato and Lotta Valve. Turku, Finland : Abo Akademi University   Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2017.
BS580.E6 R44 2018 Enoch from antiquity to the Middle Ages / John C. Reeves and Anette Yoshiko Reed. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018-
BS715.3 .J49 2017 Jewish manuscript cultures new perspectives / edited by Irina Wandrey.Berlin : De Gruyter, [2017]
BS941 .G55 2018 A history of German Jewish Bible translation / Abigail Gillman. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018.
D804.66.K675 J84 2017 July 1944 : deportation of the Jews of Budapest foiled / edited by Géza Jeszenszky. Reno, Nevada, USA : Helena History Press LLC, [2017]
D811.5 .N3313 2017 Végzetes esztendők, 1938-1945. English. Fateful years, 1938-1945 / Vilmos Nagybaczoni Nagy   with a foreword by George Schöpflin   translated by Thomas Cooper. Reno, Nevada : Helena History Press LLC, [2017] Reno, Nevada : Helena History Press LLC, [2017]
DS109.15 .R43 2018 The Qishle excavation in the Old City of Jerusalem / Amit Reʼem   with contributions by Donald Tzvi Ariel, Miriam Avissar, Alon De Groot, Raz Kletter, Yehudah Rapuano, Aryeh E. Shimron, Lilach Strul, Baruch Yosepovich. Jerusalem : Israel Antiquities Authority   Israel Exploration Society, 2018.
DS109.9 .W55 2018 Jerusalem : a brief history / Michael Zank Wiley. Chichester, West Sussex   Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2018.
DS110.H285 J333 2017 Lahav VI : excavations in Field I at Tell Halif : 1976-1999 : the Early Bronze III to Late Arabic Strata / by Paul F. Jacobs and Joe D. Seger. Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2017.
DS110.J3 M66 2018 Twilight nationalism : politics of existence at life’s end / Daniel Monterescu and Haim Hazan. Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018]
DS110.Q38 G3713 2018 ʻIḳvot Daṿid ha-Melekh be-ʻEmeḳ ha-Elah. English In the footsteps of King David : revelations from an ancient biblical city / Yosef Garfinkel, Saar Ganor, Michael G. Hasel   scientific editor, Dr. Eyal Meiron   translated by Alan Paris. London   New York : Thames & Hudson, 2018.
DS113.7 .B55 2018 National schism and civil integration : mutual relations between the Israeli central government and the Israeli Arab Palestinian minority / Alexander Bligh and Gadi Hitman. Brighton   Portland   Toronto : Sussex Academic Press, [2018]
DS117 .R675 2018 Turning points in Jewish history / Marc J. Rosenstein. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press   Philadelphia : The Jewish Publication Society, [2018]
DS119.6 .A75 2018 Preventing Palestine : a political history from Camp David to Oslo / Seth Anziska. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2018]
DS119.6 .S35 2018 Israel’s foreign policy beyond the Arab world : engaging the periphery / Jean-Loup Samaan. Abingdon, Oxon   New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.
DS119.76 .H47 2018 Overlooking the border : narratives of divided Jerusalem / Dana Hercbergs. Detroit : Wayne State University Press, [2018]
DS119.76 .W75 2018 The Israeli radical left : an ethics of complicity / Fiona Wright. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2018]
DS129 .B53 2018 The Bible, Qumran, and the Samartians / edited by Magnar Kartveit, Gary N. Knoppers. Berlin   Boston: De Gruyter, [2018]
DS134.56 .C64 2018 Opening the drawer : the hidden identities of Polish Jews / Barry Cohen   photographs by Witold Krassowski. London : Vallentine Mitchell, 2018.
DS135.E83 W63 2018 Homes away from home : Jewish belonging in twentieth-century Paris, Berlin, and St. Petersburg / Sarah Wobick-Segev. Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018]
DS135.E84 Z85 2017 Die Zukunft Europas und das Judentum : Impulse zu einem gesellschaftlichen Diskurs / Oskar Deutsch (Hg.). Wien : Böhlau Verlag, 2017.
DS135.H9 F7413 2018 Jelek a vizen. English Writing on water : the sounds of Jewish prayer / Judit Niran Frigyesi. Budapest, Hungary   New York, NY : Central European University Press, 2018.
DS135.I8 L49513 2018 Carnefici italiani. English The Italian executioners : the genocide of the Jews of Italy / Simon Levis Sullam  translated by Oona Smith with Claudia Patane  with a foreword by David I. Kertzer. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2018]
DS135.L5 P65 2018 Ecologies of witnessing : language, place, and Holocaust testimony / Hannah Pollin-Galay. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
DS135.N6 H55 2018 Reading Etty Hillesum in context : writings, life, and influences of a visionary author / Klaas Smelik, Gerrit Van Oord, Jurjen Wiersma. Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
DS146.E852 M37 2018 Peasant violence and antisemitism in early twentieth-century Eastern Europe / Irina Marin. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
DS146.G3 W58 2018 Moses und Homer : Griechen, Juden, Deutsche : eine andere Geschichte der deutschen Kultur / Bernd Witte. Berlin   Boston : Walter de Gruyter GmbH, [2018]
DS149 .N8322 2018 Works. Selections Reden und Schriften zum Zionismus / Max Nordau   herasugegeben, kommentiert und mit eitten Nachwort versehen von Karin Tebben. Berlin   Boston : De Gruyter Oldenbourg, [2018]
DS149 .S49796 2018 Beyond the nation-state : the Zionist political imagination from Pinsker to Ben-Gurion / Dmitry Shumsky. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
DS149.5.G3 H47 2018 Zionismus und Authentizität : Gegennarrative des Authentischen im frühen zionistischen Diskurs / Manja Herrmann. Berlin   Boston : De Gruyter Oldenbourg, [2018]
DS150.5 .C745 2018 Christian Zionism and English national identity, 1600-1850 / Andrew Crome. Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
HC415.25 .K73 2018 The Israeli path to neoliberalism : the state, continuity and change / Arie Krampf. Abingdon, Oxon   New York, NY : Routledge, 2018.
HD8660 .P74 2018 Labor in Israel : beyond nationalism and neoliberalism / Jonathan Preminger. Ithaca : ILR Press, an imprint of Cornell University Press, 2018.
HQ1031 .M445 2018 Beyond Chrismukkah : the Christian-Jewish interfaith family in the United States / Samira K. Mehta. Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2018]
HX742.2.A3 A27 2018 The mystery of the Kibbutz : egalitarian principles in a capitalist world / Ran Abramitzky. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2018]
HX897.5 .K67 2015eb Missratene Söhne : Anarchismus und Sprachkritik im Fin de Siècle / Carolin Kosuch. Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, [2015]
KK928 .L44 2018eb Legislating the holocaust : the Bernhard Loesener memoirs and other documents / edited by Karl A. Schleunes   memoirs translated by Carol Scherer. New York : Routledge, 2018.
PJ5021.2 .M46 2018 Borders, territories, and ethics : Hebrew literature in the shadow of the Intifada / Adia Mendelson-Maoz. West Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press, [2018]
PJ5030.P64 N57 2018 Signatures of struggle : the figuration of collectivity in Israeli fiction / Oded Nir. Albany : State University of New York Press, [2018]
PJ5054.G393 A2 2018 Poems. Selections. English Years I walked at your side / selected poems by Mordechai Geldman   translated by Tsipi Keller. Albany, NY : Excelsior Editions, an imprint of State University of New York Press, [2018]
PJ5054.K343 Z69 2018 Holocaust history and the readings of Ka-tzetnik / edited by Annette F. Timm. London   New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018.
PJ5067 .J49 2018 Jewish translation, translating Jewishness / edited by Magdalena Waligórska and Tara Kohn. Berlin   Boston : Walter de Gruyter, GmbH, [2018]
PJ5208.A5 B52 2018 Aramaic magic bowls in the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin : descriptive list and edition of selected texts / by Siam Bhayro, James Nathan Ford, Dan Levene, Ortal-Paz Saar   with contributions by Matthew Morgenstern, Marco Moriggi, Naama Vilozny. Boston   Leiden : Brill, [2018]
PN4874.S68835 S75 2013 The force of things : a marriage in war and peace / Alexander Stille. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, [2013]
PR649.B5 G66 2018 Jewish and Christian Voices in English Reformation Biblical Drama : Enacting Family and Monarchy / Chanita Goodblatt. London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.
PT2720.O44 A2 2017 Greetings from Angelus : poems / by Gershom Scholem   translated from the German by Richard Sieburth   introduced and annotated by Steven M. Wasserstrom. Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books, 2017.
UA853.I8 F725 2018eb Israeli national security : a new strategy for an era of change / Charles D. Freilich.
Z115.4 .T54 2016 The lost book of Moses : the hunt for the world’s oldest Bible / Chanan Tigay. New York, NY : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]

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