Moving In WUSTL Style

This week brings to campus a flurry of activity as students (and their families and all their belongings) arrive at the South-40.  Offered here is a brief look back at the campus “tradition” of move-in day at Washinton University.  And while the vehicles and hair styles may have changed, some traditions persist:

Below: The first students to live on the South-40 moved in the fall of 1959.  The first buildings competed were two men’s residence halls (Liggett and Koenig), two women’s residence halls (Rubelmann and Umrath), and the Wohl Center dining facility.Freshman-move-in_1959

BELOW: Unloading boxes, suitcases, trunks, and a teddy bear from the car in 1965.



BELOW: The weather was less than ideal in 1974 for move-in day.freshman-move-in_74-300D-18a


BELOW: The clothes are different, the containers are different, but the students are just as excited in 1997 to see the South-40.move-in_97-372A-28

ˇˇ BELOW: Minivans and SUVs are the preferred vehicle of choice for move-in, 1998.


About the author

Miranda Rectenwald is Curator of Local History, Washington University Special Collections. More info.