MLC Book Anniversary: Bending the Bow

Robert Duncan’s Bending the Bow


Today–March 1st–marks the original release date of Robert Duncan‘s poetry collection, Bending the Bow. The original text was published in 1968 by New Directions, which described the text as “a multiphasic projection of movements in a field, an imagined universe of the poem that moves out to include all the terms of experience as meaning”.

The Modern Literature Collection features an original proof of Bending the Bow which includes many edits from Duncan. Some poems, such as the book’s namesake–“Bending the Bow”–are lightly marked…



…whereas others–such as “Collage”–are marked more significantly.


The MLC’s manuscript of Bending the Bow can be viewed digitally here:

About the author

Meghan Lamb currently lives with her husband in St. Louis, where she is a fiction MFA candidate with the Washington University Writing Program and a Graduate Assistant with the Modern Literature Collection. She is the author of Silk Flowers (Birds of Lace) and Sacramento (Solar Luxuriance).