Microbiology September 2016 | Best Sellers

Microbiology September 2016 | Best Sellers, November 2015 to September 15, 2016 as identified by YBP Library Services. Titles are linked to local copies when available.
Welcome to the Microbiome: Getting To Know the Trillions of Bacteria and Other Microbes in, on, and Around You
DeSalle, Rob
Yale University Press
2015. ISBN 9780300208405. $32.50
The Hidden Half of Nature: the Microbial Roots of Life and Health
Montgomery, David R.
W.W. Norton
2016. ISBN 9780393244403. $26.95
Metabolism and Bacterial Pathogenesis
Conway, Tyrrell
American Society For Microbiology
2015. ISBN 9781555818869. $160
Virus as Populations: Composition, Complexity, Dynamics, and Biological Implications
Domingo, Esteban
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780128008379. $99.95
Microbial Evolution
Ochman, Howard
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
2016. ISBN 9781621820376. $135
The Bacterial Spore: From Molecules to Systems
Driks, Adam
American Society for Microbiology
2016. ISBN 9781555816759. $120
In the Company of Microbes: Ten Years of Small Things Considered
Schaechter, Elio
American Society for Microbiology
2016. ISBN 9781555819590. $20
Ebola Virus Disease: From Origin to Outbreak
Qureshi, Adnan I.
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780128042304. $120
Food Microbiology: In Human Health and Disease
Khardori, Nancy
Science Publishers, Inc.
2016. ISBN 9781498708784. $99.95
Immunity: How Elie Metchnikoff Changed the Course of Modern Medicine
Vikhanski, Luba
Chicago Review
2016. ISBN 9781613731109. $26.99
Lessons in Immunity: From Single-Cell Organisms to Mammals
Ballarin, Loriano
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780128032527. $99.95
Molecular Microbial Diagnostic Methods: Pathways to Implementation for the Food and Water Industries
Cook, Nigel
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780124169999. $149.95
The Diverse Faces of Bacillus Cereus
Savini, Vincenzo
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780128014745. $120
Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Mycobacterial Diseases of Man and Animals: the Many Hosts of Mycobacteria
Mukundan, Harshini
CABI Publishing
2015. ISBN 9781780643960. $240
The Innate Immune Response to Noninfectious Stressors: Human and Animal Models
Amadori, Massimo
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780128019689. $125
Modeling in Food Microbiology: From Predictive Microbiology to Exposure Assessment
Membré, Jeanne-Marie
Iste Ltd.
2016. ISBN 9781785481550. $65
Foodborne Diseases: Case Studies of Outbreaks in the Agri-Food Industries
Soon, Jan Mei
CRC Press
2016. ISBN 9781482208276. $239.95
Virus Evolution: Current Research and Future Directions
Weaver, Scott C.
Caister Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9781910190234. $319
The Human Microbiome Handbook
Tetro, Jason
Destech Publications
2016. ISBN 9781605951591. $142.50
Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety
Bari, Md. Latiful
Science Publishers, Inc.
2016. ISBN 9781498724081. $149.95

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