Michelangelo Document Featured in Podcast

Hold That Though logo“Hold That Thought,” the podcast from Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, recently featured a story about a rare document in the University Libraries’ Special Collections.

In the podcast, host Claire Navarro talks to art historian and author William Wallace about a paper written in Michelangelo’s distinctive script. The piece, a presumed journal entry, is from 1530, when Florence was at war with Pope Clement’s forces. It itemizes several business transactions during a period when food and drink were scarce.

“(The document) gives us a tiny glimpse into a very, very dangerous time in his life,” Wallace says in the podcast.

To see scans of the document and to read Wallace’s translation, visit the Libraries’ Digital Gateway.

While Michelangelo may be best known as a painter, sculptor, and architect, he was also a great poet. The Libraries’ Special Collections recently acquired a new fine-press, two-volume edition of “High Hard-Country Poems,” which feature 10 Michelangelo poems with an English translation by Robert Bringhurst and drypoint engraving by Joseph Goldyne. The book set was designed and printed by Peter Rutledge Koch. The printer’s description notes: “These are poems written for or about Vittoria Colonna, evidently the only woman whom the adult Michelangelo ever loved. They speak with great strength and tenderness of loneliness and love, of the power of art, and of the hard, high-country stone in which the artist loved to work.”

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