MGHL Visits the Zoo

Let’s enjoy this summer day with a trip to the zoo.

The tigers are such majestic animals.


Zoo Atlanta special event invitation, designed by Jack Unruh, 2000.

The monkeys are always a fan favorite.

mghl_zoo 2

Fiction illustration for Woman’s Home Companion by Al Parker, May 1935.

We could go see the poisonous snakes at the Herpatarium … just don’t get any crazy ideas when you get back home.

mghl_zoo 3

Jack Unruh illustration for the Field & Stream article, A Taste of Death by Keith McCafferty, July 2007.

On second thought, maybe it’s safer to skip the snakes and just to go look at the lizards.

mghl_zoo 4

Illustration by Robert Andrew Parker, date unknown.

There are lots are birds in the big lake, including swans and flamingos …

mghl_zoo 5

Cover illustration for Ladies Home Journal by Coles Phillips, August 1911.

unless the flamingos have escaped.

mghl_zoo 6

Fiction illustration by Al Parker for Good Housekeeping, 1942.

We can buy some snacks while we’re there, as long as we don’t share them with the animals

mghl_zoo 7

Cover illustration by Herbert Paus for Colliers, August 24, 1929.

Nor can we take one of the animals home with us (even if it would be very well behaved on metro transit).

mghl_zoo 8

Harold von Schmidt’s fiction illustration for The White Bear, by Nell Lewis Magregor, April 1937.


Al Parker’s flamingos are from the Al Parker Collection.

Al Parker’s monkey illustration and the Herbert Paus and Harold von Schmidt illustrations are all part of the Charles Craver Collection.

Jack Unruh’s illustrations are part of the Jack Unruh Collection.

Robert Andrew Parker’s illustration is from the Robert Andrew Parker Collection.

The Ladies Home Journal image is from the Periodicals Collection.

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.