May Springer Books

Algorithms of Estimation for Nonlinear Systems  by  Rafael Martínez-Guerra, Christopher Diego Cruz-Ancona
Coherent Vortex Structures in Fluids and Plasmas  by  Anatoli Tur, Vladimir Yanovsky
Collider Physics within the Standard Model, Lecture Notes in Physics, 937  by  Guido Altarelli
Cosmic Debris  by  Jonathan Powell
David Bohm: Causality and Chance, Letters to Three Women  by  Chris Talbot
Dirty Window  by  Loris Magnani, Steven N. Shore
Discrete Causal Theory  by  Benjamin F. Dribus
Exploring the Martian Moons  by  Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried
Green’s Functions in Classical Physics, Lecture Notes in Physics, 938  by  Tom Rother
Implications of Climate Change and Disasters on Military Activities  by  Orlin Nikolov, Swathi Veeravalli
Integrative Study of the Mean Sea Level and Its Components  by  Anny Cazenave, Nicolas Champollion, Frank Paul, Jérôme Benveniste
Interacting Dark Energy and the Expansion of the Universe  by  Alexander S. Silbergleit, Arthur D. Chernin
Introduction to Methods of Approximation in Physics and Astronomy  by  Maurice H. P. M. van Putten
Lectures on Classical and Quantum Theory of Fields, 2nd ed. 2017  by  Henryk Arodz, Leszek Hadasz
Mathematical Methods of Classical Physics  by  Vicente Cortés, Alexander S. Haupt
One Hundred Years of Pressure  by  Alan F. Chalmers
Our Place in the Universe, 2nd ed. 2017  by  Sun Kwok
Probability and Statistics for Particle Physics  by  Carlos Maña
Stability and Suppression of Turbulence in Relaxing Molecular Gas Flows  by  Yurii N. Grigoryev, Igor V. Ershov
Submillimetre Studies of Prestellar and Starless Cores in the Ophiuchus, Taurus and Cepheus Molecular Clouds  by  Katherine Miranda Pattle
Theoretical Study on Correlation Effects in Topological Matter  by  Hiroki Isobe

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