May Physics Springer eBooks

Artemis Lunar Program   by  Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried
Basic Theory and Laboratory Experiments in Measurement and Instrumentation   by  Andrea Cataldo, Nicola Giaquinto, Egidio De Benedetto, Antonio Masciullo, Giuseppe Cannazza, Ilaria Lorenzo, Jacopo Nicolazzo, Maria Teresa Meo, Alessando De Monte, Gianluca Parisi, Federico Gaetani
Broadband Measurement and Reduction of Quantum Radiation Pressure Noise in the Audio Band   by  Jonathan Cripe
Canonical Problems in the Theory of Plasmonics   by  Afshin Moradi
Chaos   by  Otto E. Rössler, Christophe Letellier
Choosing and Using a New CAT, 2nd ed.   by  Rod Mollise
Continuum Thermodynamics and Constitutive Theory   by  Christina Papenfuß
Elementary Approach to Special Relativity   by  Helmut Günther
European Missions to the International Space Station   by  John O’Sullivan
Exoskeleton Robots for Rehabilitation and Healthcare Devices   by  Manuel Cardona, Vijender Kumar Solanki, Cecilia E. García Cena
Introduction to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, 2nd ed.   by  Øyvind Grøn
Introduction to Observational Astrophysics, 2nd ed.   by  Mark Gallaway
Ion Irradiation of Dielectrics for Photonic Applications   by  Feng Chen, Hiroshi Amekura, Yuechen Jia
Jayme Tiomno   by  William Dean Brewer, Alfredo Tiomno Tolmasquim
Johannes Kepler   by  Wolfgang Osterhage
Multiband Dual-Function CMOS RFIC Filter-Switches   by  Cam Nguyen, Youngman Um
Particle Physics Reference Library   by  Stephen Myers, Herwig Schopper
Physics and Mathematics of Quantum Many-Body Systems   by  Hal Tasaki
Space Fostering Latin American Societies   by  Annette Froehlich
Space, Time, and Aliens   by  Steven J. Dick
Synchrotron Light Sources and Free-Electron Lasers, 2nd ed.   by  Eberhard J. Jaeschke, Shaukat Khan, Jochen R. Schneider, Jerome B. Hastings
Three Lectures on Complexity and Black Holes   by  Leonard Susskind

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