May New Physics Books

Atomic-molecular ionization by electron scattering : theory and applications / K.N. Joshipura, Nigel Mason.
QC702.7.E38 J67 2019

Billmeyer and Saltzman’s principles of color technology / Roy S. Berns.
QC495 .B398 2019

Émilie du Châtelet and the foundations of physical science / Katherine Brading.
QC16.D86 B73 2019

General relativity : a concise introduction / Steven Carlip, The University of California at Davis.
QC173.55 .C37 2019

Gravity’s century : from Einstein’s eclipse to images of black holes / Ron Cowen.
QC173.6 .C36 2019

Infrared spectroscopy of triatomics for space observation / Pierre-Richard Dahoo, Azzedine Lakhlifi.
QD96.I5 D34 2019

An introduction to electrodynamics / P. A. Davidson.
QC680 .D38 2019

An introduction to quantum optics and quantum fluctuations / Peter W. Milonni.
QC446.2 .M57 2019

An introduction to synchrotron radiation : techniques and applications / Philip Willmott.
Nuclear and particle physics : an introduction / B. R. Martin, G. Shaw.
QC793.5.E627 W55 2019

Solid state physics : an introduction to theory / Joginder Singh Galsin.
QC176 .G35 2019

Special and general relativity : an introduction to spacetime and gravitation / Rainer Dick.
QC173.59.S65 D537 2019

Springer series in light scattering. Volume 3, Radiative transfer and light scattering / Alexander Kokhanovsky, editor.
QC175.25.R3 S67 2019

Stars and stellar processes / Mike Guidry.
QB808 .G85 2019

String theory in a nutshell / Elias Kiritsis.
QC794.6.S85 K565 2019

A student’s guide to Python for physical modeling / Jesse M. Kinder and Philip Nelson.
QA76.73.P98 K54 2018

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