May New Physics Books

Atoms, mechanics, and probability : Ludwig Boltzmann’s statistico-mechanical writings : an exegesis / Olivier Darrigol.
QC174.8 .D37 2018

Compact heat exchangers : analysis, design and optimization using FEM and CFD approach / C. Ranganayakulu, K.N. Seetharamu.
QC320.22.F56 R36 2018

Computational acoustics : theory and implementation / David R. Bergman.
QC243 .B38 2018

Electron beam-specimen interactions and simulation methods in microscopy / Budhika G. Mendis.
QC793.5.E622 M46 2018

Holographic quantum matter / Sean A. Hartnoll, Andrew Lucas, and Subir Sachdev.
QC173.457.H65 H37 2018

Impact of nanoscience in the food industry / edited by Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Alina Maria Holban.
TP370.5 .I67 2018

Interacting systems far from equilibrium : quantum kinetic theory / Klaus Morawetz.
QC20.7.D5 M67 2018

Interval finite element method with MATLAB / Sukanta Nayak, Snehashish Chakraverty.
QC20.7.F56 N39 2018

Introduction to transport phenomena modeling : a multiphysics, general equation-based approach / Gianpaolo Ruocco.
QC175.2 .R83 2018

Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics / by John von Neumann.
QC174.3 .V613 2018

Modeling phenomena of flow and transport in porous media / Jacob Bear.
QC155 .B43 2018

Probabilistic Theory of Mean Field Games With Applications I-II / René Carmona, François Delarue.
QA272 .C37 2018

Solid state properties : from bulk to nano / Mildred Dresselhaus, Gene Dresselhaus, Stephen B. Cronin, Antonio Gomes Souza Filho.
QC176 .D74 2018

Theoretical physics. 8, Statistical physics / Wolfgang Nolting.
QC174.8 .N65 2018

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