May Math Springer eBooks

Advancements in Complex Analysis   by  Daniel Breaz, Michael Th. Rassias
Age Structured Epidemic Modeling   by  Xue-Zhi Li, Junyuan Yang, Maia Martcheva
Case Studies in Applied Bayesian Data Science   by  Kerrie L. Mengersen, Pierre Pudlo, Christian P. Robert
Contemporary Experimental Design, Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining   by  Jianqing Fan, Jianxin Pan
Course in Algebraic Error-Correcting Codes   by  Simeon Ball
Course on Rough Paths, 2nd ed.   by  Peter K. Friz, Martin Hairer
Current Trends in Dynamical Systems in Biology and Natural Sciences   by  Maira Aguiar, Carlos Braumann, Bob W. Kooi, Andrea Pugliese, Nico Stollenwerk, Ezio Venturino
Data Analysis for Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion   by  Heinz Pitsch, Antonio Attili
Design and Analysis of Subgroups with Biopharmaceutical Applications   by  Naitee Ting, Joseph C. Cappelleri, Shuyen Ho, (Din) Ding-Geng Chen
Excel 2019 for Educational and Psychological Statistics, 2nd ed.   by  Thomas J. Quirk
First-order and Stochastic Optimization Methods for Machine Learning   by  Guanghui Lan
Geometric Continuum Mechanics   by  Reuven Segev, Marcelo Epstein
Ideals of Powers and Powers of Ideals   by  Enrico Carlini, Huy Tài Hà, Brian Harbourne, Adam Van Tuyl
Illustrating Statistical Procedures: Finding Meaning in Quantitative Data, 3rd ed.   by  Ray W. Cooksey
Lectures and Surveys on G2-Manifolds and Related Topics   by  Spiro Karigiannis, Naichung Conan Leung, Jason D. Lotay
Markov Chains, 2nd ed.   by  Pierre Brémaud
Mathematical Analysis With Applications   by  Sandra Pinelas, Arkadii Kim, Victor Vlasov
Matrix-Based Introduction to Multivariate Data Analysis, 2nd ed.   by  Kohei Adachi
Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods   by  Bruno Tuffin, Pierre L’Ecuyer
Multi-Composed Programming with Applications to Facility Location   by  Oleg Wilfer
Numerical Semigroups   by  Valentina Barucci, Scott Chapman, Marco D’Anna, Ralf Fröberg
On the Theory of Maass Wave Forms   by  Tobias Mühlenbruch, Wissam Raji
Operational Research in Agriculture and Tourism   by  Evangelia Krassadaki, George Baourakis, Constantin Zopounidis, Nikolaos Matsatsinis
Pillars of Transcendental Number Theory   by  Saradha Natarajan, Ravindranathan Thangadurai
Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the Computational Social Science Society of the Americas   by  Ted Carmichael, Zining Yang
Sampling Theory and Practice   by  Changbao Wu, Mary E. Thompson
Sampling: Theory and Applications   by  Stephen D. Casey, Kasso A. Okoudjou, Michael Robinson, Brian M. Sadler
Statistical Analysis of Empirical Data   by  Scott Pardo
Theory of Translation Closedness for Time Scales   by  Chao Wang, Ravi P. Agarwal, Donal O’ Regan, Rathinasamy Sakthivel

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