Mathematics, Best Sellers, July 2016 to April 2017

Mathematics, April 2017 | Best Sellers, July 2016 to April 2017 as identified by GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO. Titles are linked to local copies when available.

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped with the Space
Shetterly, Margot Lee
William Morrow
2016. ISBN 9780062363596. $27.99
Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
O’Neil, Cathy
2016. ISBN 9780553418811. $26
A Brief History of Mathematical Thought
Heaton, Luke
Oxford University Press
2017. ISBN 9780190621766. $27.95
Are Numbers Real? The Uncanny Relationship of Mathematics and the Physical World
Clegg, Brian
St. Martin’s Press
2016. ISBN 9781250081049. $28.99
Because Without Cause: Non-Causal Explanations in Science and Mathematics
Lange, Marc
Oxford University Press
2017. ISBN 9780190269487. $74
Quantal Response Equilibrium: A Stochastic Theory of Games
Goeree, Jacob K.
Princeton University Press
2016. ISBN 9780691124230. $60
The Circle: A Mathematical Exploration Beyond the Line
Posamentier, Alfred S.
2016. ISBN 9781633881679. $25
Sourcebook in the Mathematics of Medieval Europe and North Africa
Katz, Victor J.
Princeton University Press
2016. ISBN 9780691156859. $95
Making and Breaking Mathematical Sense: Histories and Philosophies of Mathematical Practice
Wagner, Roi
Princeton University Press
2017. ISBN 9780691171715. $45
Living by Numbers: In Defence of Quantity
Connor, Steven
Reaktion Books
2016. ISBN 9781780236469. $25
The Oxford Handbook of Probability and Philosophy
Hajek, Alan
Oxford University Press
2016. ISBN 9780199607617. $150
Godel’s Disjunction: The Scope and Limits of Mathematical Knowledge
Horsten, Leon
Oxford University Press
2016. ISBN 9780198759591. $110
Post, Mine, Repeat: Social Media Data Mining Becomes Ordinary
Kennedy, Helen
Palgrave Macmillan
2016. ISBN 9781137353979. $100
In Praise of Mathematics
Badiou, Alain
Polity Press
2016. ISBN 9781509512027. $45
Mixture Model-Based Classification
McNicholas, Paul D
Chapman & Hall CRC
2017. ISBN 9781482225662. $89.95
The Oxford Handbook of Generality in Mathematics and the Sciences
Chemla, Karine
Oxford University Press
2016. ISBN 9780198777267. $150
Graph Polynomials
Yongtang Shi
Chapman & Hall CRC
2017. ISBN 9781498755900. $149.95
Information Quality: The Potential of Data and Analytics To Generate Knowledge
Kenett, Ron S.
John Wiley
2017. ISBN 9781118874448. $90
Proving In the Elementary Mathematics Classroom
Stylianides, Andreas J.
Oxford University Press
2016. ISBN 9780198723066. $100
Fixed Point Theory and Graph Theory: Foundations and Integrative Approaches
Alfuraidan, Monther Rashed
Elsevier Academic Press
2016. ISBN 9780128042953. $99.95

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