Math books and ebooks added October 2017

Academic & Scientific Poster Presentation: A Modern Comprehensive Guide Nicholas Rowe Springer ebooks
Advanced Data Analysis in Neuroscience: Integrating Statistical and Computational Models Daniel Durstewitz Bernstein Series in Computational Neuroscience Springer ebooks
Advances in Complex Analysis and Operator Theory: Festschrift in Honor of Daniel Alpay’s 60th Birthday Fabrizio Colombo, Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa, Mihaela B. Vajiac Trends in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Algebraic Theory of Locally Nilpotent Derivations, 2nd ed Gene Freudenburg Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences 136.3 Springer ebooks
Analysing Inequalities in Germany: A Structured Additive Distributional Regression Approach Alexander Silbersdorff SpringerBriefs in Statistics Springer ebooks
Analysis Meets Geometry: The Mikael Passare Memorial Volume Mats Andersson, Jan Boman, Christer Kiselman, Pavel Kurasov, Ragnar Sigurdsson Trends in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Analytic and Algebraic Geometry Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula, Indranil Biswas, Archana S. Morye, A. J. Parameswaran Springer ebooks
Basic Elements of Computational Statistics Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Ostap Okhrin, Yarema Okhrin Statistics and Computing Springer ebooks
Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems VII Mark L. Agranovsky, Matania Ben-Artzi, Catherine Bénéteau, Lavi Karp, Dmitry Khavinson, Simeon Reich, David Shoikhet, Gilbert Weinstein, Lawrence Zalcman Contemporary Mathematics, 699 AMS ebooks
Computation with Linear Algebraic Groups Willem Adriaande Graaf CRCnetBase
Computational Psychiatry: Mathematical Modeling of Mental Illness Edited by:Alan Anticevic and John D. Murray Science Direct
Course on Basic Model Theory Haimanti Sarbadhikari, Shashi Mohan Srivastava Springer ebooks
Dynamical Systems II: A Concise Graduate Course Christian Kuehn AMS open math notes
Equations Involving Malliavin Calculus Operators: Applications and Numerical Approximation Tijana Levajković, Hermann Mena SpringerBriefs in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Ergodic Optimization in the Expanding Case: Concepts, Tools and Applications Eduardo Garibaldi SpringerBriefs in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Esercizi scelti di Algebra, v.1 Rocco Chirivì, Ilaria Del Corso, Roberto Dvornicich UNITEXT 107 Springer ebooks
Euclidean Distance Geometry Leo Liberti, Carlile Lavor Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology Springer ebooks
Exploring the Riemann Zeta Function: 190 years from Riemann’s Birth Hugh Montgomery, Ashkan Nikeghbali, Michael Th. Rassias Springer ebooks
Game theory, alive / Anna R. Karlin, Yuval Peres. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Game-Theoretic Learning and Distributed Optimization in Memoryless Multi-Agent Systems Tatiana Tatarenko Springer ebooks
Geometric Invariant Theory: Over the Real and Complex Numbers Nolan R. Wallach Universitext Springer ebooks
Ginzburg-Landau Vortices Fabrice Bethuel, Haim Brezis, Frederic Helein Modern Birkhäuser Classics Springer ebooks
Groups, Matrices, and Vector Spaces: A Group Theoretic Approach to Linear Algebra James B. Carrell Springer ebooks
Growth Curve Models and Applications: Indian Statistical Institute, Giridih, India, March 28-29, 2016 Ratan Dasgupta Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 204 Springer ebooks
H Boson Costas Bachas, Bertrand Duplantier, Vincent Rivasseau Progress in Mathematical Physics 72 Springer ebooks
Harmonic and Complex Analysis in Several Variables Steven G. Krantz Springer Monographs in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Heart Rate Variability Analysis with the R package RHRV Constantino Antonio García Martínez, Abraham Otero Quintana, Xosé A. Vila, María José Lado Touriño, Leandro Rodríguez-Liñares, Jesús María Rodríguez Presedo, Arturo José Méndez Penín Use R! Springer ebooks
Hermitian–Grassmannian Submanifolds Young Jin Suh, Yoshihiro Ohnita, Jiazu Zhou, Byung Hak Kim, Hyunjin Lee Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 203 Springer ebooks
Hyponormal Quantization of Planar Domains: Exponential Transform in Dimension Two Björn Gustafsson, Mihai Putinar Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2199 Springer ebooks
Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 1: Theoretical Techniques Christian Constanda, Matteo Dalla Riva, Pier Domenico Lamberti, Paolo Musolino Springer ebooks
Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 2: Practical Applications Christian Constanda, Matteo Dalla Riva, Pier Domenico Lamberti, Paolo Musolino Springer ebooks
Introductory Statistics and Random Phenomena: Uncertainty, Complexity and Chaotic Behavior in Engineering and Science Manfred Denker, Wojbor Woyczynski Modern Birkhäuser Classics Springer ebooks
Invitation to the Rogers-Ramanujan Identities Andrew V.Sills CRCnetBase
Large Deviations for Random Graphs: École d’Été de Probabilités de Saint-Flour XLV – 2015 Sourav Chatterjee Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2197 Springer ebooks
Lecture Notes on Wavelet Transforms Lokenath Debnath, Firdous A. Shah Compact Textbooks in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Lie Groups, Differential Equations, and Geometry Giovanni Falcone UNIPA Springer Series Springer ebooks
Math Tools: 500+ Applications in Science and Arts Georg Glaeser Springer ebooks
Mathematical Models: From the Collections of Universities and Museums – Photograph Volume and Commentary, 2nd ed Gerd Fischer Springer ebooks
Mathematical Problems of the Dynamics of Incompressible Fluid on a Rotating Sphere Yuri N. Skiba Springer ebooks
Mobile Point Sensors and Actuators in the Controllability Theory of Partial Differential Equations Alexander Y. Khapalov Springer ebooks
Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems Peter Benner, Mario Ohlberger, Anthony Patera, Gianluigi Rozza, Karsten Urban MS&A 17 Springer ebooks
Modeling Life: The Mathematics of Biological Systems Alan Garfinkel, Jane Shevtsov, Yina Guo Springer ebooks
Modeling, Dynamics, Optimization and Bioeconomics II: DGS III, Porto, Portugal, February 2014, and Bioeconomy VII, Berkeley, USA, March 2014 – Selected Contributions Alberto A. Pinto, David Zilberman Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 195 Springer ebooks
Nearly Pseudo-Kähler Manifolds and Related Special Holonomies Lars Schäfer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2201 Springer ebooks
Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Conditional Symmetry, Exact Solutions and their Applications in Biology Roman Cherniha, Vasyl’ Davydovych Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2196 Springer ebooks
Nonlinearly Perturbed Semi-Markov Processes Dmitrii Silvestrov, Sergei Silvestrov SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics Springer ebooks
Novel Methods in Computational Finance Matthias Ehrhardt, Michael Günther, E. Jan W. ter Maten Mathematics in Industry 25 Springer ebooks
Numerical Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications Larisa Beilina, Evgenii Karchevskii, Mikhail Karchevskii Springer ebooks
Numerical Methods for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with White Noise Zhongqiang Zhang, George Em Karniadakis Applied Mathematical Sciences 196 Springer ebooks
Optimal Control: Novel Directions and Applications Daniela Tonon, Maria Soledad Aronna, Dante Kalise Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2180 Springer ebooks
Optimization and Approximation Pablo Pedregal UNITEXT 108 Springer ebooks
Partial dynamical systems, Fell bundles and applications / Ruy Exel. Mathematical surveys and monographs volume 224. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Particles in Flows Tomáš Bodnár, Giovanni P. Galdi, Šárka Nečasová Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics Springer ebooks
Pattern Recognition on Oriented Matroids Matveev, Andrey O. deGruyter ebooks
Probability for Statisticians, 2nd ed Galen R. Shorack Springer Texts in Statistics Springer ebooks
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2014 Giovanni Russo, Vincenzo Capasso, Giuseppe Nicosia, Vittorio Romano Mathematics in Industry 22 Springer ebooks
Putnam and Beyond, 2nd ed Răzvan Gelca, Titu Andreescu Springer ebooks
Ramanujan Summation of Divergent Series Bernard Candelpergher Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2185 Springer ebooks
Recent Advances in Operator Theory and Operator Algebras Hari Bercovici, David Kerr, Elias Katsoulis, Dan Timotin CRCnetBase
Recent Progress and Modern Challenges in Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science Roderick Melnik, Roman Makarov, Jacques Belair Fields Institute Communications 79 Springer ebooks
Refinement Monoids, Equidecomposability Types, and Boolean Inverse Semigroups Friedrich Wehrung Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2188 Springer ebooks
Separable algebras / Timothy J. Ford. Graduate studies in mathematics 183. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Shadowing and Hyperbolicity Sergei Yu Pilyugin, Kazuhiro Sakai Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2193 Springer ebooks
Significant figures : the lives and work of great mathematicians / Ian Stewart. New York : Basic Books, 2017. paper book
Statistical properties of dynamics. Introduction to the functional analytic approach Stefano Galatolo AMS open math notes
Statistics for Bioinformatics: Methods for Multiple Sequence Alignment Julie Dawn Thompson Science Direct
Stein Manifolds and Holomorphic Mappings: The Homotopy Principle in Complex Analysis, 2nd ed Franc Forstnerič Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 3. Folge / A Series of Modern Surveys in Mathematics 56 Springer ebooks
Topics in Computational Number Theory Inspired by Peter L. Montgomery Joppe W. Bos; Arjen K. Lenstra Safari Tech ebooks
Wagner’s Theory of Generalised Heaps Christopher D. Hollings, Mark V. Lawson Springer ebooks

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