Math books and ebooks added May 2017

4-manifolds / Selman Akbulut. Oxford graduate texts in mathematics 25. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2016. paper book
Active Particles, Volume 1: Advances in Theory, Models, and Applications Nicola Bellomo, Pierre Degond, Eitan Tadmor Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology Springer ebooks
Advances in Nonlinear Analysis via the Concept of Measure of Noncompactness Józef Bana?, Mohamed Jleli, Mohammad Mursaleen, Bessem Samet, Calogero Vetro Springer ebooks
Applied time series analysis with R / Wayne A. Woodward, Henry L. Gray, Alan C. Elliott. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017] paper book
Asymptotic Theory of Weakly Dependent Random Processes Emmanuel Rio Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling 80 Springer ebooks
Basics of Item Response Theory Using R Frank B. Baker, Seock-Ho Kim Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences Springer ebooks
Bayesian Data Analysis, 3rd ed Andrew Gelman; John B. Carlin; Hal S. Stern; David B. Dunson; Aki Vehtari; Donald B. Rubin Safari Tech ebooks
Bayesian Statistics in Action: BAYSM 2016, Florence, Italy, June 19-21 Raffaele Argiento, Ettore Lanzarone, Isadora Antoniano Villalobos, Alessandra Mattei Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 194 Springer ebooks
Bernstein Operators and Their Properties Jorge Bustamante Springer ebooks
Characterizations of Univariate Continuous Distributions Mohammad Ahsanullah Atlantis Studies in Probability and Statistics 7 Springer ebooks
Classical Summability Theory P.N. Natarajan Springer ebooks
Colorado Mathematical Olympiad: The Third Decade and Further Explorations: From the Mountains of Colorado to the Peaks of Mathematics Alexander Soifer Springer ebooks
Combinatorics and random matrix theory / Jinho Baik, Percy Deift, Toufic Suidan. Graduate studies in mathematics 172. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2016] paper book
Convexity and Concentration Eric Carlen, Mokshay Madiman, Elisabeth M. Werner The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications 161 Springer ebooks
Design and Analysis of Experiments 2nd ed. 2017 Angela Dean, Daniel Voss, Danel Dragulji? Springer Texts in Statistics Springer ebooks
Differential geometry of curves and surfaces / Manfredo P. do Carmo (Instituto Nacional de Matemática, Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), Reo de Janeiro, Brazil.” Mineola, New York : Dover Publications, Inc., [2016] paper book
Discrete-Time Optimal Control and Games on Large Intervals Alexander J. Zaslavski Springer Optimization and Its Applications 119 Springer ebooks
Dynamical Systems in Population Biology 2nd ed. 2017 Xiao-Qiang Zhao CMS Books in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Engineering Education 4.0: Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering Sciences Sulamith Frerich, Tobias Meisen, Anja Richert, Marcus Petermann, Sabina Jeschke, Uwe Wilkesmann, A. Erman Tekkaya Springer ebooks
Ergodic Theory of Expanding Thurston Maps Zhiqiang Li Atlantis Studies in Dynamical Systems 4 Springer ebooks
Existence Theory for Generalized Newtonian Fluids Dominic Breit Safari Tech ebooks
Fourier Integrals in Classical Analysis, 2nd ed Christopher D. Sogge Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics 210 Safari Tech ebooks
From Basic Survival Analytic Theory to a Non-Standard Application Georg Zimmermann BestMasters Springer ebooks
From Classical to Modern Algebraic Geometry: Corrado Segre’s Mastership and Legacy Gianfranco Casnati, Alberto Conte, Letterio Gatto, Livia Giacardi, Marina Marchisio, Alessandro Verra Trends in the History of Science Springer ebooks
From Frenet to Cartan : the method of moving frames / Jeanne N. Clelland. Graduate studies in mathematics 178. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Function spaces and partial differential equations, v.1 & v.2 / Ali Taheri, Department of Mathematics, University of Sussex. Oxford lecture series in mathematics and its applications 40-41. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015. paper book
Functional Statistics and Related Fields Germán Aneiros, Enea G. Bongiorno, Ricardo Cao, Philippe Vieu Contributions to Statistics Springer ebooks
Fuzzy logic and mathematics : a historical perspective / Radim B?lohlávek, Joseph W. Dauben, and George J. Klir. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017] paper book
Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis: Israel Seminar (GAFA) 2014–2016 Bo’az Klartag, Emanuel Milman Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2169 Springer ebooks
Geometry and dynamics in Gromov hyperbolic metric spaces : with an emphasis on non-proper settings / Tushar Das, David Simmons, Mariusz Urbański. Mathematical surveys and monographs volume 218, Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Geometry, Analysis and Probability: In Honor of Jean-Michel Bismut Jean-Benoît Bost, Helmut Hofer, François Labourie, Yves Le Jan, Xiaonan Ma, Weiping Zhang Progress in Mathematics 310 Springer ebooks
Group ring groups, v.1: orders and generic constructions of units / Eric Jespers, Ángel del Río. De Gruyter graduate. Berlin : De Gruyter, <[2016]-> paper book
Homotopy of operads and Grothendieck-Teichmüller groups, pt. 1 / Benoit Fresse. Mathematical surveys and monographs volume 217. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Inequalities for graph eigenvalues / Zoran Stanic, University of Belgrade, Serbia. London Mathematical Society lecture note series 423. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015. paper book
Introduction to Modeling Neuronal Dynamics Christoph Börgers Texts in Applied Mathematics 66 Springer ebooks
Introduction to robust estimation and hypothesis testing / Rand R. Wilcox. Amsterdam Boston : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2017] paper book
Introduction to the theory of higher-dimensional quasiconformal mappings / Frederick W. Gehring, Gaven J. Martin, Bruce P. Palka. Mathematical surveys and monographs volume 216. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Learn ggplot2 Using Shiny App Keon-Woong Moon Use R! Springer ebooks
Lecture notes on Numerical Methods for Engineering: With practicals and exercises Pedro Fortuny Ayuso example of open access material available in AMS Open Math Notes
Linear Regression David J. Olive Springer ebooks
Mathematical foundations and applications of graph entropy / edited by Matthias Dehmer, Frank Emmert-Streib, Zengqiang Chen, Xueliang Li, and Yongtang Shi. Quantitative and Network Biology volume 6. Weinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, [2016] paper book
Mathematical Methods of Classical Physics Vicente Cortés, Alexander S. Haupt SpringerBriefs in Physics Springer ebooks
Mathematical Modeling Christof Eck, Harald Garcke, Peter Knabner Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series Springer ebooks
Mathematics lover’s companion : masterpieces for everyone / Edward Scheinerman. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017] paper book
Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations VIII Michael Griebel, Marc Alexander Schweitzer Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 115 Springer ebooks
Modeling in Mathematics: Proceedings of the Second Tbilisi-Salerno Workshop on Modeling in Mathematics Johan Gielis, Paolo Emilio Ricci , Ilia Tavkhelidze Atlantis Transactions in Geometry 2 Springer ebooks
MVT: A Most Valuable Theorem Craig Smorynski Springer ebooks
New Trends in Analysis and Interdisciplinary Applications: Selected Contributions of the 10th ISAAC Congress, Macau 2015 Pei Dang, Min Ku, Tao Qian, Luigi G. Rodino Trends in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Partition Method for a Power Series Expansion: Theory and Applications Victor Kowalenko Science Direct
Phase II Clinical Development of New Drugs Naitee Ting, Ding-Geng Chen, Shuyen Ho, Joseph C. Cappelleri ICSA Book Series in Statistics Springer ebooks
Progress in Approximation Theory and Applicable Complex Analysis: In Memory of Q.I. Rahman Narendra Kumar Govil, Ram Mohapatra, Mohammed A. Qazi, Gerhard Schmeisser Springer Optimization and Its Applications 117 Springer ebooks
Projective heat map / Richard Evan Schwartz. Mathematical surveys and monographs volume 219. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2017] paper book
Random Measures, Theory and Applications Olav Kallenberg Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling 77 Springer ebooks
Random walks and heat kernels on graphs / Martin T. Barlow, University of British Columbia, Canada. London Mathematical Society lecture note series 438. Cambridge, United Kingdom New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, [2017] paper book
Real analysis and foundations / Steven G. Krantz. Textbooks in mathematics. Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2017] paper book
Science and Art of Simulation I: Exploring – Understanding – Knowing Michael M. Resch, Andreas Kaminski, Petra Gehring Springer ebooks
Shocks, Singularities and Oscillations in Nonlinear Optics and Fluid Mechanics Ferruccio Colombini, Daniele Del Santo, David Lannes Springer INdAM Series 17 Springer ebooks
Spatial Interaction Models: Facility Location Using Game Theory Lina Mallozzi, Egidio D’Amato, Panos M. Pardalos Springer Optimization and Its Applications 118 Springer ebooks
Square Matrices of Order 2: Theory, Applications, and Problems Vasile Pop, Ovidiu Furdui Springer ebooks
Statistical Methodologies with Medical Applications Poduri S.R.S. Rao Wiley ebooks
Statistics using Stata : an integrative approach / Sharon Lawner Weinberg, New York University, Sarah Knapp Abramowitz, Drew University. New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016. paper book
Topology, Calculus and Approximation Vilmos Komornik Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series Springer ebooks
Transionospheric Synthetic Aperture Imaging Mikhail Gilman, Erick Smith, Semyon Tsynkov Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis Springer ebooks
Turing guide / Jack Copeland, Jonathan Bowen, B. Mark Sprevak, Robin Wilson. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017. paper book
Uncertainty Quantification: An Accelerated Course with Advanced Applications in Computational Engineering Christian Soize Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics 47 Springer ebooks
Understanding Emotions in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Edited by:Ulises Xolocotzin Eligio Science Direct
Volterra integral equations : an introduction to theory and applications / Hermann Brunner. Cambridge monographs on applied and computational mathematics 30. Cambridge, United Kingdom New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017. paper book

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