March Springer eBooks

Complex Networks VIII Bruno Gonçalves, Ronaldo Menezes, Roberta Sinatra, Vinko Zlatic
Electron Mass and Calcium Isotope Shifts Florian Köhler-Langes
Fibre Optic Communication Herbert Venghaus, Norbert Grote
From Newton to Mandelbrot Dietrich Stauffer, H. Eugene Stanley, Annick Lesne
Geometrodynamics of Gauge Fields Eckehard W. Mielke
Gravity and the Quantum Jasjeet Singh Bagla, Sunu Engineer
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy A. Richard Thompson, James M. Moran, George W. Swenson Jr.
Introduction to Astrochemistry Satoshi Yamamoto
Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals Shuang Zhou
Mechanics and Thermodynamics Wolfgang Demtröder
Nano-Optics: Principles Enabling Basic Research and Applications Baldassare Di Bartolo, John Collins, Luciano Silvestri
Physics of the Human Mind Ihor Lubashevsky
Progress in Nanophotonics 4 Motoichi Ohtsu, Takashi Yatsui
Quantum Physics of Light and Matter Luca Salasnich
Quantum Systems under Gravitational Time Dilation Magdalena Zych
Reviews in Plasmonics 2016 Chris D. Geddes
Study of Double Parton Scattering in Photon + 3 Jets Final State You-Hao Chang
Understanding Acoustics Steven L. Garrett

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