March Springer eBooks

Archaeoastronomy in the Roman World   by  Giulio Magli, Antonio César González-García, Juan Belmonte Aviles, Elio Antonello
Birth of Modern Astronomy   by  Harm J. Habing
Brief Introduction to Dispersion Relations   by  José Antonio Oller
Classifying the Cosmos   by  Steven J. Dick
Complex Networks X   by  Sean P. Cornelius, Clara Granell Martorell, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Bruno Gonçalves
Dirac Equation in Curved Spacetime   by  Peter Collas, David Klein
Electric Potential in Toroidal Plasmas   by  A.V. Melnikov
Granular Gaseous Flows   by  Vicente Garzó
Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics   by  Saverio D’Auria
Japanese Missions to the International Space Station   by  John O’Sullivan
Mass Metrology, 2nd ed.   by  S. V. Gupta
Quantum Magnetism, Spin Waves, and Optical Cavities   by  Silvia Viola Kusminskiy
Rise of the Scientist-Bureaucrat   by  Jose Luis Perez Velazquez
Schrödinger Equations in Nonlinear Systems   by  Wu-Ming Liu, Emmanuel Kengne
Understanding Gaia   by  Gabriella Bernardi, Alberto Vecchiato
What is Fundamental?   by  Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, Zeeya Merali

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