March New Physics Books

13.8 : the quest to find the true age of the universe and the theory of everything / John Gribbin.

QB981 .G753 2016

The astronomical almanac for the year …

QB8 U1 2017

Astrophysics in a nutshell / Dan Maoz.

QB461 .M32 2016

Coordinate metrology : accuracy of systems and measurements / Jerzy A. Sładek.

QC88 .S53 2016

The cosmic web : mysterious architecture of the universe / J. Richard Gott.

QB35 .G68 2016

Effective medium theory : principles and applications / Tuck C. Choy.

QC173.3 .C48 2016

Excitons and Cooper pairs : two composite bosons in many-body physics / Monique Combescot and Shiue-Yuan Shiau.

QC176.8.E9 C66 2016

From quarks to the universe : a short physics course / Eleftherios N. Economou.

QC23.2 .E26 2016

Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics : Kinetics / Mario Capitelli [and seven others].

QC718 .C37 2016

Holographic duality in condensed matter physics / Jan Zaanen (Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands), Yan Liu (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain), Ya-Wen Sun (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain), Koenraad Schalm (Universiteit Leiden).

QC173.457.H65 Z36 2015

Implications of a fully nonlocal implementation of the dispersive optical model / by Mohammadhossein Mahzoon.

LD5791.8.PhD2015 M24

Introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion / Francis F. Chen.

QC718 .C39 2016

Modeling and analysis of linear hyperbolic systems of balance laws / Krzysztof Bartecki.

QC131 .B37 2016

Neutron scattering : magnetic and quantum phenomena / edited by Felix Fernandez-Alonso, David L. Price.

QC793.5.N4628 N525 2015

Optics / Eugene Hecht, Adelphi University.

QC355.3 .H43 2017

Quantum handshake : entanglement, nonlocality and transactions.

QC174.12 .C73 2016

Quantum theory : informational foundations and foils.

QC174.12 .Q36 2016

Radiative heat transfer in turbulent combustion systems : theory and applications / Michael F Modest, Daniel C. Haworth.

QC331 .M63 2016

Sound : an acoulogical treatise / Michel Chion ; translated and with an introduction by James A. Steintrager.

QC225.7 .C4513 2016

Structural evolution, chemical order, and crystallization of metallic liquids and glasses / by Mark Lyell Johnson.

LD5791.8.PhD2015 J64

Theory of quantum transport at the nanoscale : an introduction / Dmitry A. Ryndyk.

QC174.12 .R96 2016

Understanding the epoch of cosmic reionization : challenges and progress / Andrei Mesinger, editor.

QB461 .U53 2016


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