March New Physics Books

Applications of mathematical heat transfer and fluid flow models in engineering and medicine / Abram S. Dorfman.

QC320 .D59 2017

A big bang in a little room : the quest to create new universes / Zeeya Merali.

QB981 .M465 2017

Can the laws of physics be unified? / Paul Langacker.

QC793.2 .L35 2017

Classical and quantum cosmology / Gianluca Calcagni.

QB981 .C35 2017

Complementarity Beyond Physics : Niels Bohr’s Parallels / Arun Bala.

QC6 .B35 2017

Foundations of nuclear and particle physics / T. W. Donnelly, J. A. Formaggio, B. R. Holstein, R. G. Milner, B. Surrow.

QC776 .D66 2017

Graphene-carbon nanotube hybrids for energy and environmental applications / Wei Fan, Longsheng Zhang, Tianxi Liu.

TA455.G65 F36 2017

In praise of natural philosophy : a revolution for thought and life / Nicholas Maxwell.

QC6 .M39 2017

Interaction-induced electric properties of van der Waals complexes / Victor N. Cherepanov, Yulia N. Kalugina, Mikhail A. Buldakov.

QC175.16.M6 C44 2017

Model elements and network solutions of heat, mass and momentum transport processes / George L. Danko.

QC175.2 .D36 2017

Movement equations. 1, Location, kinematics and kinetics / Michel Borol, Georges Vénizélos.

QC133 .B68 2016

Ocean wave mechanics : applications in marine structures / Dr. V. Sundar.

QC174.2 .S86 2016

Oscillations of disks / Shoji Kato.

QB466.A25 K38 2016

Particle physics / B.R. Martin, G. Shaw.

QC793.2 .M38 2017

Phase transitions in machine learning / Lorenza Saitta, Attilio Giordana, Antoine Cornuéjols.

Q324.4 .S25 2011

Plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear reactions driven fusion energy / Bahman Zohuri.

QC718 .Z64 2016

Quantum fuzz : the strange true makeup of everything around us / Michael S. Walker.

QC174.12 .W347 2017

Space Telescopes : capturing the rays of the electromagnetic spectrum / Niel English.

QB136 .E54 2016

The standard model in a nutshell / Dave Goldberg.

QC794.6.S75 G65 2017

Statistical theory of heat / Florian Scheck.

QC311.5 .S34 2016

Stimuli-responsive interfaces : fabrication and application / Takeshi Kawai, Mineo Hashizume, editors.

QC173.4.I57 S75 2017

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