March Math Springer eBooks

Advances in Microlocal and Time-Frequency Analysis   by  Paolo Boggiatto, Marco Cappiello, Elena Cordero, Sandro Coriasco, Gianluca Garello, Alessandro Oliaro, Jörg Seiler
Amenable Banach Algebras   by  Volker Runde
Basic Calculus of Planetary Orbits and Interplanetary Flight   by  Alexander J. Hahn
Bousfield Classes and Ohkawa’s Theorem   by  Takeo Ohsawa, Norihiko Minami
Career of a Research Statistician   by  Shelemyahu Zacks
Course on Topological Vector Spaces   by  Jürgen Voigt
Elements of General Relativity   by  Piotr T. Chruściel
Ergodic Theoretic Methods in Group Homology   by  Clara Löh
Excel 2019 for Biological and Life Sciences Statistics, 2nd ed.   by  Thomas J. Quirk, Meghan H. Quirk, Howard F. Horton
From Analysis to Visualization   by  David H. Bailey, Naomi Simone Borwein, Richard P. Brent, Regina S. Burachik, Judy-anne Heather Osborn, Brailey Sims, Qiji J. Zhu
From Probability to Finance   by  Ying Jiao
Future of Music   by  Guerino Mazzola, Jason Noer, Yan Pang, Shuhui Yao, Jay Afrisando, Christopher Rochester, William Neace
History of Water Management in the Iberian Peninsula   by  Ana Duarte Rodrigues, Carmen Toribio Marín
Identifiability and Regression Analysis of Biological Systems Models   by  Paola Lecca
Improved Classification Rates for Localized Algorithms under Margin Conditions   by  Ingrid Karin Blaschzyk
Introductory Path to Quantum Theory   by  Stephen Bruce Sontz
Invitation to Statistics in Wasserstein Space   by  Victor M. Panaretos, Yoav Zemel
Likelihood and Bayesian Inference, 2nd ed.   by  Leonhard Held, Daniel Sabanés Bové
Location Science, 2nd ed.   by  Gilbert Laporte, Stefan Nickel, Francisco Saldanha da Gama
Mathematical Analysis and Applications in Modeling   by  Priti Kumar Roy, Xianbing Cao, Xue-Zhi Li, Pratulananda Das, Satya Deo
Mathematical Analysis II: Optimisation, Differential Equations and Graph Theory   by  Naokant Deo, Vijay Gupta, Ana Maria Acu, P. N. Agrawal
Mathematical Approach to Climate Change and its Impacts   by  Piermarco Cannarsa, Daniela Mansutti, Antonello Provenzale
Max Wertheimer Productive Thinking   by  Max Wertheimer, Viktor Sarris
Modeling Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks with Partial Differential Equations   by  Haiyan Wang, Feng Wang, Kuai Xu
Orthogonal Polynomials   by  Mama Foupouagnigni, Wolfram Koepf
Periods in Quantum Field Theory and Arithmetic   by  José Ignacio Burgos Gil, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Herbert Gangl
Plane Answers to Complex Questions, 5th ed.   by  Ronald Christensen
Polynomial Rings and Affine Algebraic Geometry   by  Shigeru Kuroda, Nobuharu Onoda, Gene Freudenburg
Quantitative Portfolio Management   by  Pierre Brugière
Quantitative Tamarkin Theory   by  Jun Zhang
Sophie Germain, 2nd ed.   by  Dora Musielak
Spectral Theory   by  David Borthwick
Statistical Modeling for Biological Systems   by  Anthony Almudevar, David Oakes, Jack Hall
Statistical Modeling in Biomedical Research   by  Yichuan Zhao, Ding-Geng (Din) Chen
Statistical Remedies for Medical Researchers   by  Peter F. Thall
Statistics for Data Science and Policy Analysis   by  Azizur Rahman
Statistics in Clinical and Observational Vaccine Studies, 2nd ed.   by  Jozef Nauta
Sustained Simulation Performance 2018 and 2019   by  Michael M. Resch, Yevgeniya Kovalenko, Wolfgang Bez, Erich Focht, Hiroaki Kobayashi
Text Analysis with R, 2nd ed.   by  Matthew L. Jockers, Rosamond Thalken
Trigonometric Sums and Their Applications   by  Andrei Raigorodskii, Michael Th. Rassias

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