Literary Periodicals from American Antiquarian Society (AAS)

This collection contains periodicals covering American literary trends and traditions such as American Literary Periodicals, 1782-1834 which focuses on American literary movement and higher forms of literature and literary criticism, as it distinguished itself from European literary traditions, American Literary Periodicals, 1835-1858 and American Literary Periodicals, 1859-1891 which focus on notable American authors in the 19th century and Cultural Periodicals from the Southern US, 1797-1877 which reflect publications on cultural concerns in the South during the early 19th century.

While Drama, Humor, and Fine Arts Periodicals, 1764-1877 reflects the important role arts played in the development of American culture, Fireside Companions and Family Literature Periodicals, 1805-1877 focuses on rich tradition of family and children’s literature, while Literary Periodicals of New England, 1789-1878 reflects the early, home-grown literary tradition as found in journals published in the cities and towns of the Northeast outside of Boston (Yankees and their culture), Story Papers, Dimes and Dollar Periodicals, 1828-1877 concentrates on the progression of print during the 19th century and highlights understudied literary phenomenon.

The periodicals can be searched and accessed via the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodical Collection.

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