Letter to Faculty, October 16, 2019

Dear Danforth Campus Faculty:

I am writing to share with you that the Libraries’ Short-term Collection Space Management Project has concluded.

Project background, including a list of titles retained by the Libraries at faculty requests, has been posted on the Project website.

As a reminder, the goal of this Project was to alleviate the Libraries’ collection space shortage by selectively removing outdated reference works and print journal volumes to which the University Libraries have immediate or near-immediate alternative access.

This project has reduced the immediate space congestion, ensuring there is sufficient space to preserve research collections and to incorporate our normal acquisition of new books for a period of up to two years.

The Libraries will now begin to develop a long-term collection management strategy as part of our five-year Strategic Plan.  The space created by the project will allow us to focus on finding a long-term solution to collection space needs as part of this process.

On behalf of the University Libraries, I would like to thank you for your thoughtful comments and ongoing support.

Best regards,

Denise Stephens, Vice Provost and University Librarian

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