June Springer eBooks

Active Interrogation in Nuclear Security   by  Igor Jovanovic, Anna S. Erickson
Apollo Mission Control   by  Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried
Beyond Einstein   by  David E. Rowe, Tilman Sauer, Scott A. Walter
Coherent States and Their Applications   by  Jean-Pierre Antoine, Fabio Bagarello, Jean-Pierre Gazeau
Compendium of Solid State Theory   by  Ladislaus Alexander Bányai
Computational Methods in Physics, 2nd ed.   by  Simon Širca, Martin Horvat
Concept and Formalization of Constellatory Self-Unfolding: A Novel Perspective on the Relation between Quantum and Relativistic Physics   by  Albrecht von Müller, Elias Zafiris
Emerging Dynamics: Science, Energy, Society and Values   by  Loucas G. Christophorou
Enhancement Cavities for the Generation of Extreme Ultraviolet and Hard X-Ray Radiation   by  Henning Carstens
Enhancing the Light Output of Solid-State Emitters   by  Christopher Woodhead
Galileo Galilei   by  Wolfgang W. Osterhage
Hollow Core Optical Fibre Based Gas Discharge Laser Systems   by  Adrian Love
Introduction to General Relativity   by  Cosimo Bambi
Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics, 2nd ed.   by  Alessandro De Angelis, Mário Pimenta
Laser Interaction with Heterogeneous Biological Tissue, 2nd ed.   by  Kirill Kulikov, Tatiana Koshlan
Lepton Flavor Violation from Low Scale Seesaw Neutrinos with Masses Reachable at the LHC   by  Xabier Marcano
Luminosity Measurement at the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment of the LHC   by  Olena Karacheban
Marcel Grossmann   by  Claudia Graf-Grossmann
Membrane Proteins in Aqueous Solutions   by  Jean-Luc Popot
Multiplex Networks   by  Emanuele Cozzo, Guilherme Ferraz de Arruda, Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues, Yamir Moreno
Nanochemistry, Biotechnology, Nanomaterials, and Their Applications   by  Olena Fesenko, Leonid Yatsenko
Nanooptics, Nanophotonics, Nanostructures, and Their Applications   by  Olena Fesenko, Leonid Yatsenko
Philosophy of Quantum Physics   by  Cord Friebe, Meinard Kuhlmann, Holger Lyre, Paul M. Näger, Oliver Passon, Manfred Stöckler
Scalar Fields in Numerical General Relativity   by  Katy Clough
Selected Models of the Mesostructure of Composites   by  Alexander Herega
Tellurite Glass Smart Materials   by  Raouf El-Mallawany
Theory and Simulation of Random Phenomena   by  Ettore Vitali, Mario Motta, Davide Emilio Galli
Wandering Towards a Goal   by  Anthony Aguirre, Brendan Foster, Zeeya Merali

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Alison Verbeck is the Physics Librarian at Washington University. For more information, contact Alison: alison@wustl.edu