June and July 2018 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in June and July of 2018:

June 2018

  • Getting to Know Arcgis Desktop, 5th edition, edited by Michael Law and Amy Collins. G70.212 L39 2018
  • Basic Principles of Topography, by Markoski Blagoja. GA 105.3 M375 2018
  • Aliens: The World’s Leading Scientist on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, 1st edition, by Jim Al-Khalili. QB 54 A395 2017
  • Life on Mars: What to Know Before We Go, by David A. Weintraub. QB 641 W45 2018
  • The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars, edited by Robert M. Haberle, et al. QB 643 A86 A86 2017
  • Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory, 4th edition, by William Menke. QB 802 A1 M46 2018
  • Inverse Theory and Applications in Geophysics, 2nd edition, by Michael S. Zhdanov. QC 808.5 Z 43 2015
  • Borehole Climatology: A New Method on How to Reconstruct Climate, 1st edition, by Louise Bodri and Vladimir Cermak. QC 884 B555 2007
  • The Politics of Climate Change under President Obama, by Hugh Atkinson. QC 903.2 U6 A858 2017
  • The Hard Work of Hope: Climate Change in the Age of Trump, 1st edition, by Robert W. Sandford, and Jon O’Riordan. QC 981.8 G56 S275 2017.
  • Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North, by Mark C. Serreze. QC 994.8 S4754 2018
  • Mathematical Geosciences: Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Methods, by Joseph L. Awange QE 33.2 M3 A93 2018
  • Remote Sensing Geology, 3rd edition, by Ravi P. Gupta. QE 33.2 R4 G86 2018
  • Geologic Maps: A Practical Guide to Preparation and Interpretation, 3rd edition, by Edgar W. Spencer. QE 36 S64 2018
  • Acquisitions and Processing of Marine Seismic Data, by Derman Dondurur. QE 39 D63 2018
  • Indian Shield: Precambrian Evolution and Phanerozoic Reconstitution, by A.B. Roy and Purohit Ritesh. QE 319 .S64 R69 2018
  • Electric Currents in Geospace and Beyond, edited by Andreas Keiling, et al. QE 500 A5 235.
  • The Tectonic Plates are Moving! 1st edition, by Roy Livermore. QE 511.4 L58 2018
  • Large Igneous Provinces from Gondwana and Adjacent Region, edited by S. Sensarma and B.C. Storey. QE 511.5 L39 2018
  • From Source to Seep: Geochemical Applications in Hydrocarbon Systems, edited by M. Lawson, et al. QE 514 F74 2018
  • Fault-Zone Guided Wave, Ground Motion, Landslide and Earthquake Forecast, edited by Yong-Gang Li. QE 538.5 F38 2018
  • Mountains, Climate and Biodiversity, edited by Carina Hoorn, et al. QE 621 M684 2018
  • From biomolecules to chemo fossils, by Jan Schwarzbauer and Branimir Jovancicvic. QH 343.7 S39 2016
  • Radiocarbon and Climate Change: Mechanism, Application and Laboratory Techniques, edited by Edward A.G. Schuur, et al. QH 344 R33 2016
  • Radon, Health and Natural Hazards, edited by G.K Gillmore, et al. TD 427 R3 R33 2018
  • Fluid Flow in Porous Media, by Robert Wayne Zimmerman. TN 870.57 Z56 2018
  • [REFERENCE] A Concise Dictionary of Paleontology, by Robert L. Carlton. QE 703 C 37 2018

July 2018

  • The Great Silence: Science and Philosophy of Fermi’s Paradox, 1st edition, by Milan M. Cirkovic, QB 54 C57 2018
  • Satellite Remote Sensing for Archaeology, by Sarah H. Parcak. CC 76.4 P37 2009.
  • Geospatial Applications for Natural Resources Management, edited by Chander Kumar Singh. G 70.212 G46 2018
  • The Universe As It Really Is: Earth, Space, Matter, and Time, by Thomas R. Scott. QC 806 S375 2018
  • Submerged Landscapes Of The European Continental Shelf: Quaternary Paleoenvironments, edited by Nicholas C. Flemming, et al. QC 884.5 E87 S83 2017
  • Statistical Postprocessing of Ensemble Forecasts, edited by Stephanie Vannitsem, et al. QC 995 S73 2018
  • Women and Geology: Who Are We, Where Have We Come From, and Where Are We Going? edited by Beth A. Johnson. QE 1 G456 214 2018
  • Magmas Under Pressure: Advances In High-Pressure Experiments on Structure and Properties of Melts, edited by Yoshio Kono and Chrystele Sanloup. QE 461 M34 2018
  • Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing Systems: Understanding Magma Transport, Storage, and Evolution in the Earth’s Crust, edited by Steffi Burchardt. QE 461 V654 2018
  • Passive Seismic Monitoring of Induced Seismicity: Fundamental Principles and Application to Energy Technologies, by David W Eaton. QE 539.2.I46 E28 2018
  • Global Flood Hazard: Applications in Modeling, Mapping and Forecasting, edited by Guy J-P. Schumann, et al. QE 500 A5 233
  • Pre-Earthquake Processes: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Earthquake Prediction Studies, edited by Dimitar Ouzounov, et al. QE 500 A5 234
  • Passive Seismic Monitoring of Induced Seismicity: Fundamental Principles and Application to Energy Technologies, by David W. Eaton. QE 539.2 I46 E28 2018
  • Complexity of Seismic Time Series: Measurement and Application, edited by Tamaz Chelize, et al. QE 539.2 S73 C654 2018.

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