July Springer eBooks

Advances in Synchronization of Coupled Fractional Order Systems   by  Rafael Martínez-Guerra, Claudia Alejandra Pérez-Pinacho
Astrophysics of Exoplanetary Atmospheres   by  Valerio Bozza, Luigi Mancini, Alessandro Sozzetti
Atomic Particles and Atom Systems, 2nd ed.   by  Boris M. Smirnov
Building Habitats on the Moon   by  Haym Benaroya
Characterizing Space Plasmas   by  George K. Parks
Charge Quantization and Kondo Quantum Criticality in Few-Channel Mesoscopic Circuits   by  Zubair Iftikhar
Control of the Gravitational Wave Interferometric Detector Advanced Virgo   by  Julia Casanueva Diaz
Cosmological Implications of Quantum Anomalies   by  Neil David Barrie
Exploring the Size of the Proton   by  Philipp Jörg
First Introduction to Quantum Physics   by  Pieter Kok
Generation and Parametric Amplification of Few‐Cycle Light Pulses at Relativistic Intensities   by  Alexander Kessel
Gravity, Weight and Their Absence   by  Vladimir Pletser
High Resolution Imaging, Spectroscopy and Nuclear Quantum Effects of Interfacial Water   by  Jing Guo
Inside Solid State Drives (SSDs), 2nd ed.   by  Rino Micheloni, Alessia Marelli, Kam Eshghi
Introduction to Random Matrices   by  Giacomo Livan, Marcel Novaes, Pierpaolo Vivo
Lattice Models for Fluctuating Hydrodynamics in Granular and Active Matter   by  Alessandro Manacorda
Lecture Notes in Cosmology   by  Oliver Piattella
Microwave Cavities and Detectors for Axion Research   by  Gianpaolo Carosi, Gray Rybka, Karl van Bibber
Millimeter Astronomy   by  T. L. Wilson, Stéphane Guilloteau, Miroslava Dessauges-Zavadsky, Daniel Pfenniger
Neutrino Physics in Present and Future Kamioka Water‐Čerenkov Detectors with Neutron Tagging   by  Pablo Fernández Menéndez
Out-of-Equilibrium Physics of Correlated Electron Systems   by  Roberta Citro, Ferdinando Mancini
Powerful Pulsed Plasma Generators   by  Victor Kolikov, Alexander Bogomaz, Alexander Budin
Quantum Chromodynamics Sum Rules   by  Cesareo A. Dominguez
Quantum‐Enhanced Sensing Based on Time Reversal of Entangling Interactions   by  Daniel Linnemann
Spectroscopy of Semiconductors   by  Wei Lu, Ying Fu
Spinning Strings and Correlation Functions in the AdS/CFT Correspondence   by  Juan Miguel Nieto
Statistical Benchmarks for Quantum Transport in Complex Systems   by  Mattia Walschaers
Thermodynamics and Synchronization in Open Quantum Systems   by  Gonzalo Manzano Paule
Tools of Radio Astronomy – Problems and Solutions, 2nd ed.   by  T.L. Wilson, Susanne Hüttemeister
Uniaxial Stress Technique and Investigations of Correlated Electron Systems   by  Mark Edward Barber
Unifying Themes in Complex Systems IX   by  Alfredo J. Morales, Carlos Gershenson, Dan Braha, Ali A. Minai, Yaneer Bar-Yam

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