July Springer Books

Analysis and Presentation of Experimental Results  by  Costas Christodoulides, George Christodoulides
Black Holes: A Laboratory for Testing Strong Gravity  by  Cosimo Bambi
Bode’s Law and the Discovery of Juno  by  Clifford J. Cunningham
Field Emission Electronics  by  Nikolay Egorov, Evgeny Sheshin
Galactic Radio Astronomy  by  Yoshiaki Sofue
Grid Generation Methods, 3rd ed.  by  Vladimir D. Liseikin
Last of NASA’s Original Pilot Astronauts  by  David J. Shayler, Colin Burgess
Lectures on General Quantum Correlations and their Applications  by  Felipe Fernandes Fanchini, Diogo de Oliveira Soares Pinto, Gerardo Adesso
Linear Response Theory  by  Giuseppe De Nittis, Max Lein
Linking the Space Shuttle and Space Stations  by  David J. Shayler
Metastable Glassy States Under External Perturbations  by  Corrado Rainone
Operational Symmetries  by  Heinrich Saller
Ordering Phenomena in Rare-Earth Nickelate Heterostructures  by  Matthias Hepting
Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Lasers  by  Lina Jaurigue
Progress in Turbulence VII  by  Ramis Örlü, Alessandro Talamelli, Martin Oberlack, Joachim Peinke
Quantum Dots for Quantum Information Technologies  by  Peter Michler
Rapid Cell Magnetisation Using Cationised Magnetoferritin  by  Sara Correia Carreira
Search for New Physics in Mono-jet Final States in pp Collisions  by  Giuliano Gustavino
Search for Supersymmetry in pp Collisions at √s = 8 TeV with a Photon, Lepton, and Missing Transverse Energy  by  Yutaro Iiyama
Second Physicist  by  Christa Jungnickel, Russell McCormmach
Space Shuttle Program  by  Davide Sivolella
Study of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Sector for the LHC  by  Rafael Delgado López
Symmetries and Integrability of Difference Equations  by  Decio Levi, Raphaël Rebelo, Pavel Winternitz
TCP 2014  by  Michiharu Wada, Peter Schury, Yuichi Ichikawa
Telescopic Tourist’s Guide to the Moon  by  Andrew May
Theory of Laser Materials Processing, 2nd ed.  by  John Dowden, Wolfgang Schulz
To Mars and Beyond, Fast!  by  Franklin Chang Díaz, Erik Seedhouse
Twenty-First Century Quantum Mechanics: Hilbert Space to Quantum Computers  by  Guido Fano, S M Blinder

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Alison Verbeck is the Physics Librarian at Washington University. For more information, contact Alison: alison@wustl.edu