July Physics Springer eBooks

Antihydrogen and Fundamental Physics   by  Michael Charlton, Stefan Eriksson, Graham M. Shore
Atmospheric Rivers   by  F. Martin Ralph, Michael D. Dettinger, Jonathan J. Rutz, Duane E. Waliser
Biographies in the History of Physics   by  Christian Forstner, Mark Walker
Controlling Collective Electronic States in Cuprates and Nickelates   by  Martin Bluschke
Cooling Electrons in Nanoelectronic Devices by On-Chip Demagnetisation   by  Alexander Thomas Jones
Core/Shell Quantum Dots   by  Xin Tong, Zhiming M. Wang
Descriptive Archaeoastronomy and Ancient Indian Chronology   by  Amitabha Ghosh
Developments and Novel Approaches in Biomechanics and Metamaterials   by  Bilen Emek Abali, Ivan Giorgio
Developments and Novel Approaches in Nonlinear Solid Body Mechanics   by  Bilen Emek Abali, Ivan Giorgio
Epitaxy of Semiconductors, 2nd ed.   by  Udo W. Pohl
Guide To U.S. Aircraft Noise Regulatory Policy   by  Sanford Fidell, Vincent Mestre
How Transistor Area Shrank by 1 Million Fold   by  Howard Tigelaar
Infrared Thermography and Thermal Nondestructive Testing   by  Vladimir Vavilov, Douglas Burleigh
Introduction to Modified Gravity   by  Albert Petrov
Microwave Cavities and Detectors for Axion Research   by  Gianpaolo Carosi, Gray Rybka
Modern Magnetic and Spintronic Materials   by  Andreas Kaidatzis, Serhii Sidorenko, Igor Vladymyrskyi, Dimitrios Niarchos
NASA’s First Space Shuttle Astronaut Selection   by  David J. Shayler, Colin Burgess
Planetary Giant Impacts   by  Jacob Kegerreis
Probing Two-Dimensional Quantum Fluids with Cavity Optomechanics   by  Yauhen Sachkou
Science of Sci-Fi Music   by  Andrew May
Shortcut to Superconductivity   by  Armen Gulian
Solar Cells and Modules   by  Arvind Shah
Spacecraft Electromagnetic Compatibility Technologies   by  Hua Zhang, Yuting Zhang, Chengbo Huang, Yanxing Yuan, Lili Cheng
Strongly Correlated Fermi Systems   by  Miron Amusia, Vasily Shaginyan
Studies of Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration   by  Yangmei Li
Surface Science of Intercalation Materials and Solid Electrolytes   by  René Hausbrand
Understanding Innovation Through Exaptation   by  Caterina AM La Porta, Stefano Zapperi, Luciano Pilotti

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