Open Special Collections Services Positions

Student Assistants needed to assist with preservation processing and other preservation activities.

Responsibilities may include:

- Perform physical processing of materials for use in the library collections, such as barcoding, preparing and applying spine labels, donor gift plates, stamps, security strips, and providing other assistance as needed.

- Assist with the preparation of journals and books for commercial binding, assisting with both outgoing and returning shipments.

- Assist with other preservation activities including pamphlet housings, enclosures, box making, mends, and other work.

This position requires:

- Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

- Excellent manual dexterity, hand skills, time management skills, and work with details in an organized and accurate manner.

Hourly wage: $10
Availability: Monday - Friday, evenings
Number of hours per week: 4-12
Location: West Campus Preservation Lab

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