Jewish Studies New Books (July – October 2015)


Your suggestions and comments are welcome regarding the new books that are coming into the collection. Presently, the Hebrew book approval plan is on hold and under review.

B5802.U65 M46 2015   Menachem Kellner  Jewish universalism / edited by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. Hughes.Leiden ; Boston  Brill 2015.;©2015
BH301.L4 S56 2015  The vanguard messiah  lettrism between Jewish mysticism and the avant-garde / Sami Sjöberg.Berlin  De Gruyter [2015]
BJ1286.C5 G37 2015  The origins of organized charity in rabbinic Judaism / Gregg E. Gardner.New York  Cambridge University Press 2015.
BJ1286.R47 M58 2015  Human nature & Jewish thought  Judaism’s case for why persons matter / Alan L. Mittleman.Princeton and Oxford  Princeton University Press [2015]
BJ47E74 2015   Ethics of in-visibility  Imago Dei memory and human dignity in Jewish and Christian thought / edited by Claudia Welz.Tübingen  Mohr Siebeck [2015]
BL410F693 2015  Abraham or Aristotle?  first millennium empires and exegetical traditions  an inaugural lecture by the Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths given in the Unive
BL80.3S73 2015  The making of the Abrahamic religions in late antiquity / Guy G. Stroumsa.Oxford Oxford University Press 2015.
BM197.6S525 2015  Changing the immutable  how Orthodox Judaism rewrites its history / Marc B. Shapiro.Oxford ; Portland Oregon  Littman Library of Jewish Civilization 2015.
BM199.S3 S57 2015  The burden of silence  Sabbatai Sevi and the evolution of the Ottoman-Turkish dönmes / Cengiz Sisman.New York NY  Oxford University Press [2015]
BM205F47 2015  Beyond sectarianism  the realignment of American Orthodox Judaism / Adam S. Ferziger.Detroit Michigan  Wayne State University Press [2015]
BM386.4K73 2015  Rabbinic Judaism  space and place / David Kraemer.New York NY  Routledge [2015];©2015
BM434R87 2015  Judaism Sufism and the pietists of medieval Egypt  a study of Abraham Maimonides and his times / Elisha Russ-Fishbane.Oxford  Oxford University Press 2015.
BM487X468 2015  Einführung in die Qumranliteratur / Géza G. Xeravits Peter Porzig.Berlin ; Boston  De Gruyter [2015]
BM488.C6 P84 2015  The Copper scroll revisited / by Émile Puech ; English translation by David E. Orton.Leiden ; Boston  Brill [2015];©2015
BM496.9.D76 B45 2015  Power ethics and ecology in Jewish late antiquity  rabbinic responses to drought and disaster / Julia Watts Belser.New York NY  Cambridge University Press
BM501M65 2015  Rabbis sorcerers kings and priests  the culture of the Talmud in ancient Iran / Jason Sion Mokhtarian.Oakland California  University of California Press [2015
BM506T2 2015  The Jerusalem Talmud. Second order Moʻed. Tractates Taʻaniot Megillah Ḥagigah and Moʻed Qaṭan (Mašqin) / edition translation and commentary by Heinrich W. Guggenhei
BM51E37 2015  850 intriguing questions about Judaism  true false or in between / Ronald L. Eisenberg.Lanham Maryland  Rowman & Littlefield [2015]
BM520.6H39 2015  What’s divine about divine law?  early perspectives / Christine Hayes.Princeton New Jersey  Princeton University Press [2015]
BM526A79 2015  Kabbalah  a neurocognitive approach to mystical experiences / Shahar Arzy and Moshe Idel.New Haven [Connecticut]  Yale University Press [2015]
BM530S29 2015  Jewish stories of love and marriage ; folktales legends and letters / authored and edited by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and Peninnah Schram.Lanham ; Boulder ; New York
BM535C86 2015  Seeking shalom  the journey to right relationship between Catholics and Jews / Philip A. Cunningham.Grand Rapids Michigan  William B.  Eerdmans Publishing Company
BM535N57 2015  Aesthetic theology and its enemies  Judaism in Christian painting poetry and politics / David Nirenberg.Waltham Massachusetts  Brandeis University Press [2015]
BM538.L58 C66 2015  Contextualizing Israel’s sacred writings  ancient literacy orality and literary production / edited by Brian B. Schmidt.Atlanta Georgia  SBL Press [2015]
BM538.S43 S43 2015  Secularism in question  Jews and Judaism in modern times / edited by Ari Joskowicz and Ethan B. Katz.Philadelphia  University of Pennsylvania Press [2015];©2
BM610S385 2015  Kabbalah and ecology  God’s image in the more-than-human world / David Mevorach Seidenberg.New York NY  Cambridge University Press 2015.;©2015
BM612S66 2015  Revelation and authority  Sinai in Jewish scripture and tradition / Benjamin D. Sommer.New Haven [Connecticut]  Yale University Press [2015]
BM670.P74 S66 2016   The priestly blessing in inscription and scripture  the early history of Numbers 624-26 / Jeremy D. Smoak.New York NY  Oxford University Press [2016]
BM700W388 2015   Threshing floors in ancient Israel  their ritual and symbolic significance / Jaime L. Waters.Minneapolis  Fortress Press [2015]
BM729.L43 I53 2015  The individual in history  essays in honor of Jehuda Reinharz / ChaeRan Y. Freeze Sylvia Fuks Fried and Eugene R. Sheppard editors.Waltham Massachusetts  Br
BM729.T55 T56 2015  Time and eternity in Jewish mysticism  that which is before and that which is after / edited by Brian Ogren.Leiden ; Boston  Brill [2015]
BM750H3613 2015  Ben tekhakhim le-mahpekhah. English;Intrigue and revolution  chief rabbis in Aleppo Baghdad and Damascus 1744-1914 / Yaron Harel ; translated by Yehonatan Chipm
BM755.S75 B47 2015  Leo Strauss on the borders of Judaism philosophy and history / Jeffrey A. Bernstein.Albany  State University of New York Press [2015];©2015
BS1308S53 2015  The shape of the Writings / edited by Julius Steinberg and Timothy J. Stone ; with the assistance of Rachel Marie Stone.Winona Lake Indiana  Eisenbrauns 2015.
BS1455S64 2015  The Social World of the Sages  An Introduction to Israelite and Jewish Wisdom Literature / Mark R. Sneed.Minneapolis  Fortress Press [2015]
BS1485.52K37 2015   My perfect one  typology and early Rabbinic interpretation of Song of Songs / Jonathan Kaplan.New York NY  Oxford University Press [2015]
BS1544.E8 K65 2015  The Ethiopic text of the Book of Ezekiel  a critical edition / edited by Michael A. Knibb.Oxford United Kingdom  Oxford University Press 2015.
BS1700D63 2015  The Jewish pseudepigrapha  an introduction to the literature of the Second Temple period / Susan Docherty.Minneapolis  Fortress Press [2015];©2015
BS1830.P73 P73 2015  The Psalms of Solomon  language history theology / edited by Eberhard Bons and Patrick Pouchelle.Atlanta SBL Press [2015]
BS2665.52R377 2015  Reading Romans in context  Paul and Second Temple Judaism / Ben C. Blackwell John K. Goodrich & Jason Maston editors ; foreword by Francis Watson.Grand Rapi
D804.48R85 2015  Salvaged pages  young writers’ diaries of the Holocaust / collected and edited by Alexandra Zapruder.New Haven ; London   Yale University Press 2015.
Dialogue as a Trans-disciplinary Concept Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Dialogue and its Contemporary ReceptionBerlin De Gruyter 2015
DS109.15N69 2015  Thank you for dying for our country  commemorative texts and performances in Jerusalem / Chaim Noy.New York  Oxford University Press [2015];©2015
DS110.5.K58 T46 2015  Nationalism and the politics of fear in Israel  race and identity on the border with Lebanon / Catherine Thorleifsson.London  I.B. Tauris 2015.
DS110.A76 H88 2015  Ashkelon 5  the land behind Ashkelon / by Yaakov Huster ; with contributions by Daniel M. Master George A. Pierce and Michael D. Press.Winona Lake Indiana  E
DS110.H285 C65 2015  Lahav V  the Iron Persian and Hellenistic occupations within the walls at Tell Halif  excavations in Field II 1977-1980 / Dan P. Cole with contributions by J.
DS110.H285 J33 2015  Lahav IV  the figurines of Tell Halif / Paul F. Jacobs with contributions by Nancy Serwint and Christopher Holland.Winona Lake Indiana  Eisenbrauns 2015.
DS110.J3 M65 2015  Jaffa shared and shattered  contrived coexistence in Israel/Palestine / Daniel Monterescu.Bloomington  Indiana University Press [2015];©2015
DS111.3D38 2015  The 2003-2007 Excavations in the Late Roman Fort at Yotvata / Gwyn Davies and Jodi Magness with contributions by Nathan T. Elkins Rebecca Halbmaier Jennifer Ramsay
DS113.3A279 2015  The mortality and morality of nations / Uriel Abulof Princeton University and Tel-Aviv University.New York NY USA  Cambridge University Press 2015.;©2015
DS113.75S563 2015  Israel’s invisible Negev Bedouin  issues of land and spatial planning / Deborah F. Shmueli Rassem Khamaisi.Cham [Switzerland] ; New York  Springer 2015.
DS119.76A444913 2015  À l’ombre du mur. English.;Israelis and Palestinians in the shadows of the wall  spaces of separation and occupation / edited by Stéphanie Latte Abdallah Céd
DS119.76K634 2015  Israeli-Palestinian activism  shifting paradigms / Alexander Koensler.Farnham Surrey ; Burlington VT  Ashgate [2015]
DS119.76K86 2015   Digital militarism  Israel’s occupation in the social media age / Adi Kuntsman and Rebecca L. Stein.Stanford California  Stanford University Press 2015.
DS119.76O45 2015  The two-state delusion  Israel and Palestine — a tale of two narratives / Padraig O’Malley.New York  Viking 2015.
DS119.76Q7267 2015  Peace negotiations in Palestine  from the Second Intifada to the Roadmap / Ahmed Qurie (‘Abu Ala’).London  I.B. Tauris 2015.
DS119.76S535 2015  Security theology surveillance and the politics of fear / Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian.Cambridge United Kingdom  Cambridge University Press 2015.;©2015
DS119.7A86713 2015  Tehom. English;The abyss  bridging the divide between Israel and the Arab world / Eli Avidar.Lanham Maryland  Rowman & Littlefield Publishing [2015]
DS119.7E75 2015  Small-state mediation in international conflicts  diplomacy and negotiation in Israel-Palestine / Jacob Eriksson.London ; New York  I.B.Tauris 2015.
DS119.7S635 2015  Palestinian commemoration in Israel  calendars monuments and martyrs / Tamir Sorek.Stanford California  Stanford University Press [2015]
DS119.8.E9 F73 2015  Fragmented borders interdependence and external relations  the Israel-Palestine-European Union triangle / edited by Raffaella A. Del Sarto Robert Schuman Centre
DS122.3M37 2015  The many faces of Herod the Great / Adam Kolman Marshak.Grand Rapids Michigan ; Cambridge U.K.  William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company 2015.;©2015
DS125A43 2015  Palestine and the decline of the Ottoman Empire  modernisation and the path to Palestine statehood / Farid Al-Salim.London  I.B. Tauris 2015.
DS125K36 2015  Imperial perceptions of Palestine  British influence and power in late Ottoman times / Lorenzo Kamel.London  I.B. Tauris 2015.
DS126.6.R32 E54 2015  Killing a king  the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the remaking of Israel / Dan Ephron.New York NY  W. W. Norton & Company [2015]
DS127.6.O3 L48 2015  Letters to Palestine  writers respond to war and occupation / edited by Vijay Prashad ; Foreword by Junot Díaz.London  Verso [2015].
DS134.27R63 2015   Sweet burdens  welfare and communality among Russian Jews in Germany / Sveta Roberman.Albany  SUNY Press [2015]
DS134.42.S55 A3 2015  Untergetaucht. English;Underground in Berlin  a young woman’s extraordinary tale of survival in the heart of Nazi Germany / Marie Jalowicz Simon ; translated by
DS134.55N3713 2014  Następstwa zagłady Żydów. English.;Jewish presence in absence  the aftermath of the Holocaust in Poland 1944-2010 / edited by Feliks Tych and Monika Adamczyk-
DS134.66.G35 J49 2015   The Jewish oil magnates of Galicia.Montreal ; Kingston ; London ; Ithaca  McGill-Queen’s University Press [2015];©2015
DS134.66.J43 B4513 2015  My z Jedwabnego. English;The crime and the silence  confronting the massacre of Jews in wartime Jedwabne / Anna Bikont ; translated from the Polish by Alissa
DS134.72.L57 A3 2015  Diary of Rywka Lipszyc;Rywka’s diary  the writings of a Jewish girl from the Lodz Ghetto found at Auschwitz in 1945 and published seventy years later / Rywka L
DS134.72.T344 E53 2015  Memory is our home  loss and remembering three generations in Poland and Russia 1917-1960s / Suzanna Eibuszyc.Stuttgart  Ibidem-Verlag [2015]
DS134.85P4713 2015  Combat pour les Juifs soviétiques. English;Let my people go  the transnational politics of Soviet Jewish emigration during the Cold War / Pauline Peretz ; trans
DS134B675 2015  A traveling homeland  the Babylonian Talmud as diaspora / Daniel Boyarin.Philadelphia Pennsylvania  University of Pennsylvania Press [2015]
DS135.E83 L36 2015  The archive thief  the man who salvaged French Jewish history in the wake of the Holocaust / Lisa Moses Leff.New York NY  Oxford University Press [2015]
DS135.F81 J49 2015  Jews and Christians in thirteenth-century France / edited by Elisheva Baumgarten and Judah D. Galinsky.New York NY  Palgrave Macmillan 2015.;©2015
DS135.F83 P67 2015  Post-Holocaust France and the Jews 1945-1955  edited by Seán Hand and Steven T. Katz.New York  New York University Press [2015];©2015
DS135.I713 S388 2015  The strangers we became  lessons in exile from one of Iraq’s last Jews / Cynthia Kaplan Shamash.Waltham Massachusetts  Brandeis University Press [2015]
DS135.M64 S53 2015  The Kishinev ghetto 1941-1942  a documentary history of the Holocaust in Romania’s contested borderlands / Paul A. Shapiro ; with chronology by Radu Ioanid and Bre
DS135.S7 G67 2015  Exiles in Sepharad  the Jewish millennium in Spain / Jeffrey Gorsky.Philadelphia  The Jewish Publication Society ; Lincoln  University of Nebraska Press [2015]
DS135.S8 D875 2015  The secret faith of Maestre Honoratus Profayt Duran and Jewish identity in late medieval Iberia / Maud Kozodoy.Philadelphia  University of Pennsylvania Press [2
DS143B75 2016  Boundaries identity and belonging in modern Judaism / edited by Maria Diemling and Larry Ray.Abingdon Oxon ; New York NY  Routledge 2016.
DS143P565 2015  Jewish peoplehood  an American innovation / Noam Pianko.New Brunswick New Jersey  Rutgers University Press [2015]
DS145R67 2015  The murder of William of Norwich  the origins of the blood libel in medieval Europe / E.M. Rose.New York NY  Oxford University Press [2015]
DS146.E85 M37 2015  Works. Selections. English;Radical French thought and the return of the Jewish question / Éric Marty ; translated by Alan Astro ; foreword by Bruno Chaouat.Bl
DS146.L53 S73 2015  Enemies for a day  Antisemitism and Anti-Jewish violence in Lithuania under the Tsars / Darius Staliūnas.Budapest ; New York  Central European University Press
DS146.T9 N44   2015  Online anti-semitism in Turkey / Türkay Salim Nefes.New York NY  Palgrave Macmillan 2015.
DS149.5.D36 H37 2015  Zionism in Damascus  ideology and activity in the Jewish community at the beginning of the twentieth century / Yaron Harel ; translated by D. Gershon Lewental.
DS150.R5 S55 2015  The rise of the Israeli right  from Odessa to Hebron / Colin Shindler.New York  Cambridge University Press 2015.
HN660.A8 K3315 2015  Be-tside ha-derekh uve-shule ha-todaʻah. English;Erased from space and consciousness  Israel and the depopulated Palestinian villages of 1948 / Noga Kadman ; for
KBM550.5A73 2015  The wed-locked agunot  Orthodox Jewish women chained to dead marriages / Susan Aranoff and Rivka Haut.Jefferson North Carolina  McFarland & Company Inc. Publ
LC157.P35 W57 2015  Language and literacy in Roman Judaea  a study of the Bar Kokhba documents / Michael Owen Wise.New Haven  Yale University Press [2015];©2015
PJ5021A26 2010  Back to the future  Israeli literature of the 1980s and 1990s / by Dvir Abramovich.Newcastle upon Tyne  Cambridge Scholars 2010.
PJ5024F56 2015  An inch or two of time and space in Jewish modernisms / Jordan D. Finkin.University Park Pennsylvania  The Pennsylvania State University Press [2015]
PJ5054.H6319 M3713 2015  Matsve ruaḥ. English;Moods / Yoel Hoffmann ; translated by Peter Cole.New York  New Directions Books 2015.;©2015
PJ5120S93 2015  Survivors and Exiles  Yiddish Culture After the Holocaust / Jan Schwartz.Detroit  Wayne State University Press [2015]
PJ5121.5W66 2015  Women writers of Yiddish literature  critical essays / edited by Rosemary Horowitz.Jefferson North Carolina  McFarland & Company Inc. Publishers [2015]
PJ5255C66 2015  Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic / Edward M. Cook.Winona Lake Indiana  Eisenbrauns 2015.

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