Jewish Studies New Books – English then Hebrew

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These are titles purchased between July 1 – October 1 ( 2016)

The Torah : a women’s commentary / Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, editor ; Andrea L. Weiss, associate editor.,,”New York : Women of Reform Judaism, Federation of Temple Sisterhood : URJ Press, [2008]” BS1225.53 .T675 2008″
The overturned boat : intertextuality of the Adapa myth and exorcist literature / by Amar Annus.,”Annus, Amar, author.”,”Helsinki : Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 2016.”,”PJ3701 .S75 24″
A journey through Torah : a critique of the documentary hypothesis / Ben Zion Katz.,”Katz, Ben Zion, Pediatrician.”,”Jerusalem : Urim  Brooklyn, New York : Lambda Publishers, [2012]”,”BS1181 .K38 2012″
Refuting the anti-Israel narrative : a case for the historical, legal, and moral legitimacy of the Jewish state / Jeremy Havardi.,”Havardi, Jeremy, author.”,”Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]”,”DS126.5 .H376 2016″
Jesus and the temple : the crucifixion in its Jewish context / Simon J. Joseph (California Lutheran University).,”Joseph, Simon J., 1966- author.”,”Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016.” “BM620 .J67 2016”
Abraham Joshua Heschel and the sources of wonder / Michael Marmur.,”Marmur, Michael, author.”,”Toronto  Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, [2016]”,”BM755.H37 M37 2016″
The relative clause in biblical Hebrew / Robert D. Holmstedt.,”Holmstedt, Robert D., author.”,”Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2016.” “PJ4717 .H65 2016”
Six memos from the last millennium : a novelist reads the Talmud / by Joseph Skibell.,”Skibell, Joseph, author.”,”Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016.” “BM501.15 .S55 2016”
After one-hundred-and-twenty : reflecting on death, mourning, and the afterlife in the Jewish tradition / Hillel Halkin.,”Halkin, Hillel, 1939- author.”,”Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2016]” BM635.4 .H35 2016
Because of Eva : a Jewish genealogical journey / Susan J. Gordon.,”Gordon, Susan J., 1943- author.”,”Syracuse, New York : Syracuse University Press, 2016.” “DS135.H93 H4554 2016”
Gaza as metaphor / Helga Tawil-Souri and Dina Matar (editors).,,”London : C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., 2016.” “DS119.767 .G38 2016”
No end of conflict : rethinking Israel-Palestine / Yossi Alpher.,”Alpher, Joseph, author.”,”Lanham  Boulder : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]” “DS119.76 .A44498 2016”
Zionism without zion : the Jewish Territorial Organization and its conflict with the Zionist organization / Gur Alroey.,”Alroey, Gur, author.”,”Detroit : Wayne State Univ Press, [2016]”,”DS149 .A57 2016″
Languages of modern Jewish cultures : comparative perspectives / Joshua L. Miller and Anita Norich, editors.,,”Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, [2016]”,”PJ5061 .L36 2016″
The Upper Room and tomb of David : the history, art, and archaeology of the Cenacle on Mount Zion / David Christian Clausen.,”Clausen, David Christian, 1959- author.”,”Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]”,”DS109.8.Z56 C53 2016″
Mapping my return : a Palestinian memoir / Salman Abu Sitta.,”Abu-Sitta, Salman H., author.”,”Cairo, Egypt  New York, NY : The American University in Cairo Press, 2016.”,”DS125.3.A387 A3 2016″
Jewish radical ultra-orthodoxy confronts modernity, Zionism and women’s equality / Motti Inbari (University of North Carolina, Pembroke) ; translated by Shaul Vardi.,”Inbari, Motti, author.”,”New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016.” BM198.56.N38 I53 2016″
Exil au Maghreb. English Exile in the Maghreb : Jews under Islam, sources and documents, 997-1912 / Paul B. Fenton and David G. Littman.,”Fenton, Paul, author.”,”Madison : Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, [2016]” “DS135.A25 F4613 2016”
In search of Israeli-Palestinian peace : an urgent call for a new approach to Middle East peace / Shai Har-El.,”Har-El, Shai, author.”,”Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire  New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.” “DS119.76 .H366 2016”
Nitzevet. English  The extra / A.B. Yehoshua ; translated from the Hebrew by Stuart Schoffman.,”Yehoshua, Abraham B., author.”,”Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016.” “PJ5054.Y42 N5813 2016”
Deník 1942-5. English Drawing the Holocaust : a teenager’s memory of Terezin, Birkenau, and Mauthausen / Michael Kraus ; translated by Paul Wilson.,”Kraus, Michal, 1930- author.”,”Cincinnati, OH : Hebrew Union College Press  Pittsburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh Press, [2016]”,”DS135.C97 K78513 2016″
The impossibility of Palestine : history, geography, and the road ahead. / Mehran Kamrava.,”Kamrava, Mehran, 1964- author.”,”New Haven : Yale University Press [2016]”,”DS128.2 .K36 2016″
Extraterritorial dreams : European citizenship, Sephardi Jews, and the Ottoman twentieth century / Sarah Abrevaya Stein.,”Stein, Sarah Abrevaya, author.”,”Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016.” DS135.T8 S75 2016″
Who rules the synagogue? : religious authority and the formation of American Judaism / Zev Eleff.,”Eleff, Zev, author.”,”New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]”,”BM205 .E575 2016″
Commentaries. Selections Speaking Torah : spiritual teachings from around the Maggid’s table / Arthur Green with Ebn Leader, Ariel Evan Mayse, and Or N. Rose.,”Green, Arthur, 1941-“,”Woodstock, Vermont : Jewish Lights Publishing, [2013]” “BS1225.52 .G732 2013”
Ancient Mesopotamian religion and mythology : selected essays / W.G. Lambert ; edited by A.R. George and T.M. Oshima.,”Lambert, W. G. (Wilfred G.), author.”,”Tübingen : Mohr Siebeck, [2016]”,”BL1620 .L36 2016″
Documents of Judean exiles and West Semites in Babylonia in the collection of David Sofer / by Laurie E. Pearce and Cornelia Wunsch.,”Pearce, Laurie E., author.”,”Bethesda, Maryland : CDL Press, 2014.”,”PJ4070 .P43 2014″
Everyday life in the Muslim Middle East / edited by Donna Lee Bowen, Evelyn A. Early, Becky Schulthies.,,”Bloomington, Ind. : Indiana University Press, [2014]” “DS57 .E94 2014”
Shivḥe Rodḳinson. English Literary Hasidism : the life and works of Michael Levi Rodkinson / Jonatan Meir ; translated from the Hebrew by Jeffrey G. Amshalem.,”Meir, Jonatan, author.”,”Syracuse, New York : Syracuse University Press, 2016.” “BM198.2 .M4513 2016”
Warsaw: The Jewish metropolis : Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor Antony Polonsky / edited by Glenn Dynner and François Guesnet.,,”Leiden : Brill, [2015]”,”DS134.64 .W36 2015″
A home for all Jews : citizenship, rights, and national identity in the new Israeli state / Orit Rozin ; translated by Haim Watzman.,”Rozin, Orit, author.”,”Waltham, Massachusetts : Brandeis University Press, [2016]” “DS126.5 .R6913 2016”
Saved to remember : Raoul Wallenberg, Budapest 1944 and after / Frank Vajda.,”Vajda, F. J. E. (Frank J. E.), author.”,”Clayton, Victoria, Australia : Monash University Publishing, 2016.”,”DS135.H93 V35 2016″
Undeclared wars with Israel : East Germany and the West German far left, 1967-1989 / Jeffrey Herf.,”Herf, Jeffrey, 1947- author.”,”New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016.” DS119.8.G4 H47 2016″
Contemporary Israel : new insights and scholarship / edited by Frederick E. Greenspahn.,,”New York : New York University Press, [2016]”,”DS128.2 .C66 2016″
Guida all’Italia ebraica. English  The guide to Jewish Italy / Annie Sacerdoti ; photographs by Alberto Jona Falco.,”Sacerdoti, Annie.”,”[Venezia] : [Marsilio], 2004.”,”DS135.I8 S22513 2004″
Studies in the history and culture of North African Jewry : proceedings of the symposium at Yale University, April 25, 2010 / editors, Moshe Bar-Asher and Steven D. Fraade.,,”New Haven : Program in Judaic Studies, Yale  Jerusalem : Center for Jewish Languages and Literatures, Hebrew University., 2011.”,”DS135.A25 S78 2011″
The Rabbi saved by Hitler’s soldiers : Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and his astonishing rescue / Bryan Mark Rigg.,”Rigg, Bryan Mark, 1971- author.”,”Lawrence, Kansas : University Press of Kansas, [2016]” “BM755.S285 R53 2016”
Twenty girls to envy me : selected poems of Orit Gidali / translated, edited, and introduced by Marcela Sulak.,”Gidali, Orit, author.”,”Austin Center for Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, [2016]”,”PJ5055.22.I35 A2 2016″
Demonization in international politics : a barrier to peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / Linn Normand.,”Normand, Linn, 1982- author.”,”New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]”,”DS119.76 .N67 2016″
One day in France : tragedy and betrayal in an occupied town / Jean-Marie Borzeix ; translated by Gay McAuley ; introduced by Caroline Moorehead.,”Borzeix, Jean-Marie, 1941- author.”,”London New York, NY : I.B. Tauris, 2016.”,”DS135.F85 B6713 2016″
Holocaust angst : the Federal Republic of Germany and American Holocaust memory since the 1970s / Jacob S. Eder.,”Eder, Jacob S., author.”,”New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]” “DS134.26 .E34 2016”
Indebted : capitalism and religion in the writings of S.Y. Agnon / Yonatan Sagiv.,”Sagiv, Yonatan, author.”,”Cincinnati, OH : Hebrew Union College Press/University of Pittsburgh Press, [2016]” PJ5053.A4 Z7825 2016″
Macht und Moral. English Persecution and rescue : the politics of the Final Solution” in France, 1940-1944 / Wolfgang Seibel  translated by Ciaran Cronin.”,”Seibel, Wolfgang, 1953- author.”,”Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, [2016]”,”DS135.F83 S4413 2016″
Self as nation : contemporary Hebrew autobiography / Tamar S. Hess.,”Hess, Tamar, 1966- author.”,”Waltham, Massachusetts : Brandeis University Press, [2016]” “PJ5033.5 .H48 2016”
The Jewish quarter of Philadelphia : a history and guide, 1881-1930 / Harry D. Boonin.,”Boonin, Harry D. (Harry Davidow), 1936-“,”Philadelphia, PA : Jewish Walking Tours of Philadelphia, ©1999.”,”F158.9.E17 B66 1999″
Never tell a boy not to fight : Jewish boxing a century ago / by Harry D. Boonin.,”Boonin, Harry D. (Harry Davidow), 1936- author.”,”[Philadelphia, PA?] : [publisher not identified], [2016]” “GV1125 .B66 2016”
Makers of Jewish modernity : thinkers, artists, leaders, and the world they made / editors, Jacques Picard, Jacques Revel, Michael P. Steinberg, Idith Zertal ; editorial assistant and photography curator: Ulrich Schultz.,,”Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2016]” “BM195 .M35 2016”
Mystical resistance : uncovering the Zohar’s conversations with Christianity / Ellen D. Haskell.,”Haskell, Ellen Davina, author.”,”New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]”BM525.A59 H275 2016″
Travels in translation : sea tales at the source of Jewish fiction / Ken Frieden.,”Frieden, Ken, 1955- author.”,”Syracuse, New York : Syracuse University Press, 2016.” “PJ5029 .F67 2016”
Reconstructing Jerusalem : Persian-period prophetic perspectives / by Kenneth A. Ristau.,”Ristau, Kenneth A., author.”,”Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2016.”,”DS109.9 .R43 2016″
Comprehensive English-Yiddish dictionary (based on the lexical research of Mordkhe Schaechter) / Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath, Paul Glasser, Editors-in-Chief ; Chava Lapin, Associate Editor.,,”Bloomington : Indiana University Press, [2016]”,”PJ5117 .C66 2016″
Jews and Christians in medieval Castile : tradition, coexistence, and change / Maya Soifer Irish.,”Soifer Irish, Maya, author.”,”Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2016]”,”DS135.S75 C3364 2016″
Pious irreverence : confronting God in rabbinic Judaism / Dov Weiss.,”Ṿais, Dov, author.”,”Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2017]”,”BM645.P7 V35 2017″
Judaism : practice and belief, 63 BCE-66 CE / E.P. Sanders.,”Sanders, E. P., author.”,”Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2016]”,”BM176 .S257 2016″
Venezia, gli ebrei e l’Europa. English Venice, the Jews and Europe : 1516-2016 / exhibition curated by Donatella Calabi ; translations: Christopher Huw Evans, David Kerr, Sylvia Notini, Lenore Rosenberg Bahbout.,,”Venezia : Marsilio, 2016.”,”DS135.I85 V48813 2016″
Israel and Palestine : alternative perspectives on statehood / edited by John Ehrenberg and Yoav Peled.,,”Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]” DS119.76 .E395 2016″

Hebrew Books

ʻIyun,,.Jerusalem, S.H. Bergman Centre for Philosophical Studies, Hebrew University.,.B8 H4 I9.
Meḥḳere Yerushalayim be-maḥashevet Yiśraʼel / ha-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim, ha-Faḳulṭah le-madaʻe ha-ruaḥ, ha-Makhon le-madaʻe ha-Yahadut,,.Yerushalayim : Hotsaʼat sefarim ʻal-shem, Y.L. Magnes, ha-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit, c1981-.,.BM1 M43.
Sefunot.,,.Jerusalem : Mekhon Ben-Tsevi le-ḥe-ḳer ḳehilot Yiśrael ba-Mizraḥ, 1956-.DS135.L4 S4.
Moznayim.,,.Tel Aviv : Moznayim..,.PJ5001 .M69.
.ha-Asupah ha-Miḳraʼit : tahalikhe ha-gibush ʻad sof yeme Bayit Sheni ṿe-shinuye ha-tsurah ʻad motsaʼe Yeme ha-Benayim / Menaḥem Haran.,.. Haran, Menahem..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ : Hotsaʼat sefarim ʻa. sh. Y.L. Magnes, ha-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit, ©1996-<c2014>.,.BS1182 .H37.
 Peʻamim.,,..[Yerushalayim, ha-Mador la-hafatsat yedaʻ bi-Mekhon Ben-Tsevi le-ḥeḳer ḳehilot Yiśraʼel ba-Mizraḥ].,.DS101 .P47.
.Sham meʼaḥorai li ḳoryʼah yabeshet : zikaron ha-Galut ba-sifrut ha-ʻIvrit = Remembering the diaspora in Hebrew literature / Yoḥai ʼOpenhaimer.,.. Openhaimer, Yoḥai, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ, .PJ5021.2 .O64 2015.
.Min ha-yam ʻad ha-midbar : Ṭabenḳin ṿeha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad be-ʼemunah ṿebe-maʼavaḳ li-shelemut ha-ʼArets = From the sea to the desert : Tabenkin and Hakibbutz Hameuhad in the struggle for the integrity of the Land of Israel / Yaʻaḳov Tsur.,.. Tsur, Yaacov, 1937- author..,.. Yerushalayim : Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben-Tsevi : Yad Ṭabenḳin, DS151.T26 Z87 2015.
. Avne derekh : masot ṿe-meḥḳarim be-hisṭoryah shel ʻam Yiśraʼel : Shai le-Tsevi (Ḳuti) Yeḳutiʼel / ʻorekhim: ʻImanuʼel Eṭḳes, Daṿid Asaf, Yosef Ḳaplan.,,..Yerushalayim : Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-ḥeḳer toldot ha-ʻam ha-Yehudi, 776 [2015].,.DS102.4 .A86 2015.
.Muzeʼon ṿe-ʼosef be-Erets Yiśraʼel be-shilhe ha-teḳufah ha-ʻOt’manit / ʻOded Shai.,.. Shay, Oded, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ  [Beersheba] : ʼUniversiṭat Ben-Guryon be-Negev, 2014..,.AM79.I8 S53 2014.
.Le-gadel tarbut ʻIvriyah : ḥayaṿ ṿe-mishnato shel Zeʼev Yaʻbets = To cultivate a Hebrew culture. : the life and thought of Zeev Jawitz / Asaf Yedidyah..,.. Yedidiya, Asaf, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ, DS115.9.J3 Y44 2016.
.Ḳol ha-demamah : sipurah shel ha-maḥteret ha-Yehudit bi-Berit ha-Moʻatsot = Voice of silence / Efrayim (Aleksander) Ḥolmiʼansḳi.,.. Kholmyansky, Ephraim, 1950- author..,.. Yehud Monoson : ʼOfir Bikurim, DS134.85 .K45 2015.
.ha-Rif ben Sefarad le-ʼAshkenaz : hishtalshelut ha-halakhah ṿe-darkhe ha-limud bi-Sefarad uṿe-ʼAshkenaz ṿe-meḳomo shel ha-Rif ke-megasher benehem / meʼet ʻImanuʼel ben Shalom ʼAlʼaluf.,.. ʼAlʼaluf, ʻImanuʼel ben Shalom, author..,.. Yerushalayim : ʻImanuʼel ʼalʼaluf .BM520.82 .A485 2016.
.Galbi = Galbi / ʼIris ʼEliyah Kohen.,.. Eliya-Cohen, Iris, 1969- author..,.. Tel-Aviv : Yediʻot ʼAḥaronot : Sifre ḥemed, [2016]. .PJ5055.2.L563 G35 2016.
.ʼIsh yoshev u-mabiṭ ba-ʼagasim ha-boʻarim be-ʼemtsaʻ ha-lailah / Yiśra’el ʼEliraz.,.. Eliraz, Israel, author..,.. Tel Aviv : ha-Ḳibuts ha-me’uḥad, 2016..,.PJ5054.E488 I74 2016.
Poems. Selections .Ḳorat ha-shaʻar = The gatepost / Aleks Ben-Ari.,.. Ben-Ari, Aleks, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ, PJ5055.16.A715 A6 2015.
. Zeh mi-Kevar : mivḥar = Kvar, so far / Natan Ṿaserman [and 16 others].,,..Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ, [2014].,.PJ5042 .Z34 2014.
.Roʻeh shel nemerim : sheḳiʻe zehut Yehudit bi-yetsiratah shel Naṭalyah Gintsburg = Taking tigers out for a walk : sediments of Jewish identity in the writings of Natalia Ginzburg / Tsipi Leṿin Biron. Leṿin Biron, Tsipi, author.. Bene Beraḳ : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad,.PQ4817.I57 Z77 2015.
.Lamdanut, musar ṿe-ʼeliṭizem : Yeshivat Slabodḳah mi-Liṭʼa le-erets Yiśraʼel / Shelomoh Ṭiḳotsinsḳi.,.. Tikochinski, Shlomo, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-ḥeḳer toldot ha-ʻam ha-Yehudi.BM95.Y47 T55 2016.
Poems  .Maḥatsit mul maḥatsit : kol ha-shirim = Face to face : collected poems / Yokheved Bat-Miryam ; ʻorekhet, Rut Ḳarṭun-Blum ; ʻorekh-mishneh, Gidʻon Ṭiḳotsḳi.,.. Bat-Miriam, Yokheved, 1901-1980, author. [Tel Aviv] : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad Yerushalayim : Mosad Biʼaliḳ, 2014..,.PJ5053.B3447 2014
.Sin ṿe-Yiśraʼel : ben Yehudim le-Sinim, ben Beg’ing li-Yerushalayim = China and Israel : equivocal ties: Jews, Chinese, Jerusalem, Beijing / Aharon Shai.,.. Shai, Aron, author..,.. Tel-Aviv : Yediʻot ʼAḥaronot : Sifre ḥemed, [2016]. .DS119.8.C6 S46 2016.
.Torat ha-tsurot shel lashon ha-Mishnah : pirḳe mavo ṿe-tetsurat shem ha-ʻetsem = A morphology of Mishnaic Hebrew : introductions and noun morphology / Mosheh Bar-ʼAsher.,.. Bar-Asher, Mosheh, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ : ha-ʼAḳademyah la-lashon ha-ʻIvrit, [2015- ]. PJ4920 .B37 2015.
. Maharal : ʼaḳdamot : pirḳe ḥayim, mishnah, hashpaʻah / ʻorekh ʼElḥanan Rainer.,,..Yerushalayim : Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-ḥeḳer toldot ha-ʻam ha-Yehudi, [2015].,.BM755.J8 M34 2015.
.Gam hem ḳeruyim ʼadam : ha-nakhre be-ʻene ha-Rambam = They too are called human : gentiles in the eyes of Maimonides / Menaḥem Ḳelner.,.. Kellner, Menachem Marc, 1946- author..,.. Ramat-Gan : Hotsaʼat ʼUniversiṭat Bar-ʼilan. BM546 .K45 2016.
. Yehude Suryah : hisṭoryah, tarbut ṿe-zehut = Syrian Jewry : history, culture and identity / ʻorekh, Yaron Harʼel.,,..Ramat-Gan : Hotsaʼat ʼUniversiṭat Bar-ʼIlan, [2015].,.DS135.S95 Y44 2015.
.Yashar min ha-sheṭaḥ : mivḥar shirim = From the outdoors, directly : selected poems / Sabinah Meseg. Le-hezin ʼet ha-yesh le-hezim ʼet ha-ʼayin : ʻal shiratah shel Sabinah Meseg = On Sabina Meseg’s poetry / Dan Miron.,.. Meseg, Sabinah, author..,.880-04 Yerushalayim : Mosad Byaliḳ : ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad, PJ5054.M426 A6 2014.
.Tsenah, tsenah : merḥav ha-nedunyah ba-sipurim meʼet Devorah Baron, Y.D. Berḳovits ṿe-Yaʻaḳov Shṭainberg = Tzena, tzena : in and about the dowry box / Ḥanah Naṿeh ṿe-Tsilah ʼAbramovits Raṭner ; ʻozer meḥḳar, Shai ʻAbadi.,.. Naveh, Hannah, author. Bene Beraḳ  : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad, [2015].,.PJ5030.D69 N38 2015.
.Yam beni le-venekh = An ocean between us / Nurit Gerts.,.. Gertz, Nurith, author..,.. Or Yehudah : Devir  PJ5055.22.E799 Y36 2015.
.Mah yesh poh le-hasbir? : Mosheh Ganan meśoḥeaḥ ʻim Ḥamuṭal Bar-Yosef ʻal ḥayeha ṿe-shiratah ṿe-ʻal ha-yaḥas ben biyografyah le-shirah.,.. Bar-Yosef, Ḥamuṭal, author. [Israel] : Safra, 2015..PJ5054.B2443 Z46 2015.
.Tam ṿe-lo nishlam : praḳe ḥayim / Meʼir Shamgar ; ʻorekhet, Karmit Gai.,.. Shamgar, Meir, 1925- author..,.. Tel-Aviv : Yediʻot ʼAḥaronot : Sifre Ḥemed, [2015]. DS126.6.S353 A3 2015.
Poems. Selections .Kipah ʼadumah ; Raḳ teni lo ʼoyev / Raḥel Perets.,.. Perets, Rachel, 1966- author..,.. Yerushalayim : Mosad Biyaliḳ, .PJ5055.37.E4698 A6 2015.
. ha-Tsiyonut ṿeha-ʼimperyot = Zionism and empires / ʻorekh, Yehudah Shenhav.,,.. Yerushalayim : Hotsaʼat Makhon Ṿan Lir   [Tel Aviv] : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad, .DS149 .T868 2015.
Poems. Selections .Maḥberti = My social notebook / Nahir Libi ; ʻarikhah: Noʻah Shaḳargi.,.. Libi, Nahir, author..,.. [Tel Aviv?] : L. Nahir, 2014..,.PJ5055.33.I3325 A6 2014.
.Moḳdim ḥadashim be-shirah ha-ʻIvrit = The pleasures of reading Hebrew poetry / Yosef ʼOren.,.. Oren, Yosef, 1940- author..,.. Rishon le-Tsiyon : Hotsaʼat .Yaḥad’, PJ5024 .O74 2015.
.ʼEtiḳat ha-ʻedut : hisṭoriyah shel beʻayah / Mikhal Givʻoni.,.. Givoni, Michal, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Makhon Ṿan Lir be-Yerushalayim : Hotsaʼat ha-Ḳibuts ha-meʼuḥad .BD238.T47 G58 2015.
.Be-ʼerets lo zaruʻah : masaʻ Yiśraʼeli = In a land that was not sown : an Israeli journy / Yoʼaz Hendel ; ʻorekh, Yoʼav Ḳeren.,.. Hendel, Yoaz, author..,.. Tel-Aviv : Yediʻot ʼAḥaronot : Sifre Ḥemed, [2015]. .DS119.76 .H46 2015.
.Ḥatsor : meṭropolin Kenaʻanit ṿe-ʻir Yiśreʼelit / Amnon Ben-Tor.,.. Ben-Tor, Amnon, author..,.. Yerushalayim : ha-Ḥevrah le-ḥaḳirat ʼErets-Yiśraʼel ṿe-ʻatiḳoteha : Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben-Tsevi, 2015..,.DS110.H38 B46 2015.
.ʼAnus be-ḥevle Mashiaḥ : teʼologyah, filosofyah ṿe-meshiḥiyut be-haguto shel Avraham Mikhaʼel Ḳardoso / Nisim Yoshʻa.,.. Yosha, Nissim, author..,.. Yerushalayim : Makhon Ben-Tsevi le-ḥeḳer ḳehilot Yiśraʼel ba-Mizraḥ, Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben-Tsevi ṿeha-ʼUniversiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim, .BM615 .Y67 2015.
.Kimʻaṭ shaḳuf : shirim = Quite transparent : poems / Nurit Peri.,.. Peri, Nurit, author..,.. Tel-Aviv : ʻEmdah, PJ5055.37.E7513 A6 2016.
.Peḳaḥ = Pekah / Yehudah Ṿizan.,.. Vizan, Yehuda, 1985- author..,.. Tel Aviv : Aḥuzat bayit,  .PJ5055.47.I9 P45 2016.
.Beniyah Yehudit be-Samarḳand : beto shel Refaʼel Abramov = Jewish architecture in Samarkand : the house of Rafael Abramov / Zoyah Arshavsḳi ṿe-Rut Yaʻaḳobi.,.. Arshavskai︠a︡, Z. A. (Zoi︠a︡ Aleksandrovna), author..,.. Yerushalayim : ha-Merkaz le-ḥeḳer Yahadut Bukharah,  DS135.U92 A77 2015.
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