January Springer eBooks

Adventure Diffusion   by  Gero Vogl
Black Hole Information and Thermodynamics   by  Dieter Lüst, Ward Vleeshouwers
Determinism and Free Will   by  Fabio Scardigli, Gerard ‘t Hooft, Emanuele Severino, Piero Coda
Incident on Simpac III   by  Doug Brugge
Lock-in Thermography, 3rd ed.   by  Otwin Breitenstein, Wilhelm Warta, Martin C. Schubert
Microscopic Theory of Fission Dynamics Based on the Generator Coordinate Method   by  Walid Younes, Daniel Marc Gogny, Jean-François Berger
Microstates, Entropy and Quanta   by  Don Koks
New Light Through Old Windows: Exploring Contemporary Science Through 12 Classic Science Fiction Tales   by  Stephen Webb
New Platform for Edge Mode Manipulations in the Quantum Hall Effect   by  Yonatan Cohen
Physics and Astrophysics of Neutron Stars   by  Luciano Rezzolla, Pierre Pizzochero, David Ian Jones, Nanda Rea, Isaac Vidaña
Progress in Photon Science   by  Kaoru Yamanouchi, Sergey Tunik, Vladimir Makarov
Renormalization Group Analysis of Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Driven Disordered Systems   by  Taiki Haga
Second Quantum Revolution   by  Lars Jaeger
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Photovoltaics, v.1   by  Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Robert W. Collins
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Photovoltaics, v.2   by  Hiroyuki Fujiwara, Robert W. Collins
Sun Today   by  Claudio Vita-Finzi
Synchronization and Waves in Active Media   by  Jan Frederik Totz

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