January New Physics Books

Annual review of nuclear and particle science.
QC173 .A52 v.65 (2015)
Atomic diffusion in stars / Georges Michaud, Georges Alecian, Jacques Richer.
QB461 .M53 2015
Brain mapping [electronic resource] : an encyclopedic reference / editor-in-chief: Arthur W. Toga.
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Classical and quantum dynamics : from classical paths to path integrals / Walter Dittrich, Martin Reuter.
QC174.12 .D59 2016
Computer simulation tools for X-ray analysis : scattering and diffraction methods / Sérgio Luiz Morelhão.
QC481 .M67 2016
Continuum damage and fracture mechanics / Andreas Öchsner.
QC191 .O24 2016
Decoding the mechanisms of antikythera astronomical device / Jian-Liang Lin, Hong-Sen Yan.
QB107 .L56 2016
Developing diffuse optical tomography (DOT) for neuroimaging of speech perception in people with cochlear implants / by Mahlega Hassanpour.
LD5791.8.PhD2015 H28
Effects of quark matter on the structural and observational properties of compact stars / by Sophia Han.
LD5791.8.PhD2015 H26
Energy landscapes, inherent structures, and condensed-matter phenomena / Frank H. Stillinger.
QC173.457.S7 S75 2016
From new method to intraflagellar transport and photosynthesis, a single molecule investigation / by Jonathan M. Kessler.
LD5791.8.PhD2015 K46
From special relativity to Feynman diagrams : a course in theoretical particle physics for beginners / Riccardo D’Auria, Mario Trigiante.
QC793.2 .D38 2016
Gas discharge and gas insulation / Dengming Xiao.
QC711 .X53 2016
An introduction to observational astrophysics / Mark Gallaway.
QB461 .G35 2016
An introduction to stellar astrophysics [electronic resource] / Francis LeBlanc.
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Kinematic characterization of left ventricular chamber stiffness and relaxation / by Sina Mossahebi.
LD5791.8.PhD2014 M68
Lectures in quantum mechanics : a two-term course / Luigi E. Picasso.
QC174.12 .P53 2016
Lectures on quantum mechanics / Steven Weinberg, The University of Texas at Austin.
QC174.125 .W45 2015
Modern optics / B.D. Guenther.
QC355.2 .G84 2015
Motor and cargo dynamics during intraflagellar transport : a single molecule investigation / by Anthony Paul Kovacs.
LD5791.8.PhD2015 K69
A national strategy for advancing climate modeling / Committee on a National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling, Board on Atmospheric Studies and Climate, Division on Earth and Life Studies.
QC869 .N38 2012
Neural processing in the three layer turtle visual cortex / by Jeffrey Pobst.
LD5791.8.PhD2015 P63
New dualities of supersymmetric gauge theories / Jörg Teschner, editor.
QC174.17.S9 N49 2016
Pseudo-complex general relativity / Peter O. Hess, Mirko Schäfer, Walter Greiner.
QC173.6 .H47 2016
Quantum confined laser devices : optical gain and recombination in semiconductors / Peter Blood.
QC689.55.S45 B56 2015
Quantum information processing with finite resources : mathematical foundations / Marco Tomamichel.
QC174.12 .T66 2016
Springer tracts in modern physics.
Q111 .E7 v.265
Stellar explosions : hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis / Jordi José.
QC776 .J67 2016
Topics in lattice gauge theory and theoretical physics / by Javad Komijani.
LD5791.8.PhD2015 K65
Treatise on acoustics : the first comprehensive English translation of E.F.F. Chladni’s Traité d’Acoustique / E.F.F. Chladni ; translated by Robert T. Beyer.
QC225 .C5213 2015

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