January and February 2019 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in January and February of 2019:

January 2019

  • Image Processing And Data Analysis With ERDA IMAGINE, by Stacy A. C. Nelson and Siamak Khorram. G70.4 N45 2019
  • Geographical And Fingerprinting Data For Positioning And Navigation Systems: Challenges, Experiences And Technology Roadmap, edited by Jodi Contesa, et al. G70.212 G46 2019
  • Geological Map of Japan, 3rd edition, by Chishitsu Chosa Sogo Senta. G7961 C5 1968 C45
  • Desertification: Past, Current and Future Trends, edited by Victor Roy Squires and Ali Ariapour. GB611 D47 2018
  • Statistical Downscaling For Hydrological and Environmental Application, by Taesam Lee and Vijay P. Singh. GB2801.72 S7 L44 2019
  • Teaching Race : How To Help Students Unmask And Challenge Racism, 1st edition, by Stephen Brookfield, et al. LC212.42 B76 2019
  • Airless Bodies of the Inner Solar System: Understanding the Process Affecting Rocky, Airless Surfaces, by Jennifer A. Grier and Andrew S. Rivkin. QB501 G848 2019
  • Climate Change: The Science of Global Warming and Our Energy Future, 2nd edition, Edmond A. Mathez and Jason E. Smerdon. QC981.8 C5 M378 2018
  • Global Climate Change: Turning Knowledge into Action, by David Kitchen. QC903 K562 2016
  • Global Climate Change: Turning Knowledge into Action, by David Kitchen. QC903 K562 2017
  • Jewels of the Early Earth: Mineral Sand Fossils of the Precambrian, by Bruce L. Stinchcomb. QE363.8 S756 2011
  • Theoretical Mantle Dynamics, by Neil M Ribe. QE509.4 R53 2018
  • Transform Plate Boundaries and Fracture Zones, edited by Joao C. Duarte. QE511.4 T73 2019
  • The Cretaceous Fossils of South-Central Africa: An Illustration Guide, by Michael Robert Cooper. QE711.3 C66 2018
  • Paleozoic Fossils, by Bruce L. Stinchcomb. QE725 S75 2008
  • Cenozoic Fossils I: Paleogene, by Bruce L. Stinchcomb. QE735 S85 2010
  • Percolation Theory in Reservoir Engineering, by Peter R. King and Mohsen Masihi. TN870.57 K56 2019

February 2019

  • Macgillivray Freeman’s National Parks Adventure, by Greg Macgillivray et al. E160 M33 2018 DISC 1-2
  • The Geysers of Yellowstone, 5th edition, by T. Scott Bryan. GB1198.7 Y44 B79 2018
  • Climate Preservation in Urban Communities: Case Studies, edited by Woodrow W. Clark II. HT241 C55 2019
  • Visions into Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade, 2013-2022: A Midterm Review, by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. QB601 N38 2018
  • Exoplanet Science Strategy, by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. QB820 .N38 2018
  • Advances in Geophysics: Volume 59. QC806 A3 V.59
  • Fundamentals of Geophysics, 2nd edition, by William Lowrie. QC806 L67 2007
  • Innovation In Near-Surface Geophysics : Instrumentation, Application, And Data Processing Methods, edited by Raffaele Persico, et al. QC808.5 I556 2019
  • Geology for Dummies, by Alecia M. Spooner. QE26.3 S685 2011.
  • Essentials of Geology, 5th edition, by Stephen Marshak. QE28 M3415 2016 C.2
  • New England Rocks: Historical Geological Wonders, by Michael J Vieira and J. North Conway. QE78.3 V54 2017
  • Ancient Oceans, Orogenic Uplifts, and Glacial Ice: Geologic Crossroads in America’s Heartland, edited by Lee J. Florea. QE78.7 .A53 2018
  • Great Plains Geology, by R.F. Diffendal. QE78.7 D54 2017
  • Roadside Geology of Nevada, by Frank Decourten and Norma Biggar. QE137 D43 2017
  • Iceland from the West to the South, by Wolfgang Fraedrich and Neli Heidari. QE279 F73 2019
  • Treasure Under The Tundra: Canada’s Artic Diamonds, by L.D. Cross. QE393 C76 2011
  • Mathematical Geoenergy: Discovery Depletion, and Renewal, by Paul Pukite, et al. QE500 A5 241
  • Measurements, Mechanisms, and Models of Heat Transport, by Anne M. Hofmesiter. QE509 H64 2019
  • Hydrological, Geochemical and Geophysical Changes Related To Earthquakes and Slow-Slip Events, edited by Chi-Yu King And Michael Manga. QE539 H93 2019
  • Sediment Dynamics of Chinese Muddy Coasts and Estuaries: Physics, Biology, and Their Interactions, edited by Xiao Hua Wang. QE571 S43 2019
  • A Field Guide to Fossils of Texas, by Charles Finsley. QE747 T4 F56 1999
  • Discovery Of Oyu Tolgoi: A Case Study of Mineral and Geological Exploration, by Sergei Diakov et al. TN446 .M652 K43 2019
  • Applied Geology Of Oil and Gas: Special Topic Volume with Invited Peer Reviewed Papers Only, edited by Marsel Kadyrov. TN870.5 A66 2018




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