January and February 2018 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in January and February of 2018:

February 2018

  • Concepts and Applications of Web GIS, edited by Anuj Tiwari and Kamal Jain. G70.215.I4 C66 2017
  • Geographies of Digital Culture, edited by Tilo Felgenhaur and Karsten Gabler. G70.217.G46 G43 2018
  • GEOvalue: The Socioeconomic Value of Geospatial Information, edited by Jamie Kruse, et al. G70.217.G46 G467 2018
  • LiDAR Remote Sensing and Applications, by Pinliang Dong and Qi Chen. G70.4 .D66 2018
  • Periglacial Geomorphology, by Collin K. Ballantyne. GB641 .B35 2018
  • The Periglacial Environment, 4th edition, by Hugh M. French. GB641 .F73 2018
  • Wonders of Water: The Hydrogen Bond in Action, by Ivar Olovsson. GB855.O46 2018
  • The Source: How Rivers Made America and America Made Its Rivers, by Martin Doyle. GB1215 .D69 2018
  • Origin and Evolution of Comets: Ten Years After The Nice Model And One Year After Rosetta, by Hans Rickman, et al. QB721 .R634 2018
  • Weather: A Concise Introduction, by Gregory J Hakim and Jerome Patoux. QC981.H1995 2018
  • Computational Statistics in the Earth Sciences: With Applications in MATLAB, by Alan Dana Chave. QE26.3 .C43 2017
  • Practical Handbook of Earth Science, by Jane H. Hodgkinson. QE26.3 .H63 2018
  • Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates 2016, by Carolyn E. Wilson. QE34 W54 2017
  • Applications And Investigations In Earth Science, 7th edition, by Edward J. Tarbuck, et al. QE44 T37 2012
  • Mineral Processing: Methods, Applications, and Technology, edited by Jyothi Rajesh Kumar. QE371 .M55 2017
  • Branded Iron Formations to Iron Ore: An Integrated Genesis Model, by Desmond Fitzgerald Lascelles. QE390.2.I76 L37 2018
  • Bioenergy and Land Use Change, edited by Zhangcai Qin, et al. QE500 .A5 231 2018
  • Microstructural Geochronology: Planetary Records Down to Atom Scale, edited by Desmond E. Moser, et al. QE500. A5 232
  • Geochronology and Thermochronology, by Peter W. Reiners, et al. QE508 .R45 2018
  • Principles of Seismology, 2nd edition, by Agustin Udias Vallina. QE534.2 .U35 2018


January 2018

  • Natech Risk Assessment and Management: Reducing The Risk of Natural-Hazard Impact On Hazardous Installations, editied by Elisabeth Krausman, et al. GB5014 N38 2017
  • Moons of the Solar System: From Giant Ganymede to Dainty Dactyl, by James A Hall III. QB401 H35 2016
  • Some Aspects of the Formation of the Solar System, by Vsevolod N. Anfilogov and Yurij V. Khachay. QB503 A55 2015
  • Atmospheric and Space Sciences, by Erdal Yigit. QC879.6 Y54 2015 vol.1
  • Introduction to Modern Climate Change, 2nd edition, by Andrew Dessler. QC 903 D46 2016
  • Chemical Fundamentals of Geology and Environmental Geoscience, by Robin Gill. QD 39.2 G55 2015
  • Stable Isotope Geochemistry, 7th edition, by Jochen Hoefs. QE515 H54 2015
  • Calcium Stable Isotope Geochemistry, by Nikolaus Gussone, et al. QE516 C2 G87 2016
  • Mantle Plumes and Their Effects, by Mainak Choudhuri and Michal Nemcok. QE 527.7 C48 2017
  • Stratigraphy: A Modern Synthesis, by Andrew D. Miall. QE651 M43 2016
  • Reconstructing Quaternary Environments, third edition, by J.J. Lowe and Mike Walker. QE696 L776 2015
  • Fossil Matter in the Geosphere, by Jan Schwarzbauer and Branimir Jovancicevic. QH343.7 S35 2015
  • The Nature and Properties of Soils, 15th edition, by Ray R. Weil and Nyle C. Brady. S591 B79 2017
  • The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change The World, by Oliver Morton. TD171.9 M67 2016
  • Practical Petroleum Geochemistry For Exploration And Production, by Harry Dembicki, Jr. TN 870 .5 H37 2016

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