Illustrators Legacy Questionnaire

Illustrators, cartoonists, comics creators, and related types of artists: how will your legacy be recorded and preserved?

Dr. Jaleen Grove is the DMGHL Postdoctoral Fellow in Popular Print. She researches all facets of illustrators and illustration.

As part of her work, she is offering a questionnaire designed to capture illustrators’ careers for posterity.

This questionnaire is a way for you to go “on file” at Washington University’s DB Dowd Modern Graphic History Library, where our mandate is to record and preserve illustration history.

Your answers will also help us understand the contemporary field better, because we’ll be able to correlate practices, attitudes, experiences, and kinds of people in ways never statistically documented before.


Professor Douglas B. Dowd using DMGHL materials to teach a class, Spring 2017.

(note: doing it on a computer rather than a phone is highly recommended)

Give yourself lots of time – it’s in-depth and thoughtful.


Thanks so very much for contributing to the self-knowledge of the field.

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