Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Are you having nightmares about not being ready?


Cover by J.C. Leyendecker, November 24, 1917

Don’t worry…there’s plenty of time.  You still have one full day to bake all the pies and cakes that your dinner guests will devour.

mghl_thanks 2

from Ladies Home Journal, November 1911

You’ll also have Thursday morning to finish the meal preparations.  Of course, that means you’ll miss the parade…

mghl_thanks 3

cover by Charles E. Martin, November 26, 1966

But you might be able to catch a football game after dinner …

mghl_thanks 4

Cover by Lonie Bee, November 18, 1939

Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t just about food – it’s about time to spend with family and friends.

mghl_thanks 5

by Robert Andrew Parker, from A Great Miracle Happened There, 1995

Once it’s over, it means the start of the holiday season.  Except…the holiday season has already begun. Chanukah begins today!

The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, so holiday dates vary from year to year.  It just so happened the earliest possible Chanukah and the latest possible Thanksgiving landed together. There won’t be another overlap until 2070.

mghl_thanks 6

by Robert Andrew Parker, from A Great Miracle Happened There, 1995

Two holidays at once! That means a lot more cooking.  We’d better call in reinforcements.

mghl_thanks 7

November 11, 1910 advertisement from an unknown publication

Modern Graphic History Library wishes everyone a Happy Chanukah and a Happy Thanksgiving.

mghl_thanks 8

by Robert Andrew Parker, from A Great Miracle Happened There, 1995


The Robert Andrew Parker images are from the 1995 children’s book, A Great Miracle Happened There : A Channukah Story by Karla Kuskin.  The original artwork is from the Robert Andrew Parker Collection, and the book is part of the MGHL reference collection.

The 1911 Gold Medal Flour advertisement is from the Periodicals Collection.

All other images are from the Walt Reed Illustration Archive.

Information on the overlap of Chanukah and Thanksgiving can be found at Chanukah and Thanksgiving : A Brief History.


About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.