History of Science and Medicine Periodicals

Collection includes Alternative Medicine and Health Periodicals, 1810-1877 that cover the concept of healthy living and alternative medicine exploring such movements as electrology, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, magnetism, phrenology, and Thomsonian medicine in the 19th century. Also includes American Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Periodicals, 1786-1877 with publications focused on professional medical thought, including dental practice, during the 19th century. With detailed illustrations and diagrams using what were state-of-the-art printing techniques at the time, these journals chronicle the development of medical and surgical techniques over time.

Furthermore,  Scientific Periodicals, 1771-1901 which reflects the scientific achievements of the era and documents how anthropologists used discoveries of ancient artifacts to help develop theories of the human species and civilization; how geologists used their increasing understanding of earth sciences to help exploit the nation’s vast natural resources; and the ways in which microbiologists used the knowledge gained from studying organisms at great magnification to develop new approaches to preventing and curing disease.

The periodicals can be searched and accessed via the American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodical Collection.

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