Halloween Costume Ideas From MGHL

Halloween is fast approaching.  Do you have your costume yet?  Do you want a Halloween-themed costume that isn’t the typical costume and will make you stand apart from the crowd?


Why not be a Pumpkin Girl?

If you’re looking for something completely original that will definitely get you noticed, you could dress up as Lettuce.  If a darker green is used, the same pattern would work for Spinach or Kale or any of those popular leafy greens.

mghl_costume 2

If the idea of being produce doesn’t thrill you, perhaps waterfowl is more appealing.  This Goose Girl outfit is sure to attract attention.

mghl_costume 3

If technology excites you, you will wow everyone as this up-to-date Aeroplane Girl.  The hat can get a little top-heavy if not positioned correctly.  Note the mask is designed to look like aviator goggles, although a traditional mask could be substituted.

mghl_costume 4

If becoming a storybook character is what interests you, why not Little Bo Peep?

mghl_costume 5

Or dress-up with patriotic flair as Yankee Doodle Boy, with your very own pony.  Just make sure the feather doesn’t make the hat too top-heavy.

mghl_costume 6

Then again, you could always go with a tried-and-true Halloween tradition.

mghl_costume 7

These dazzling costumes have been designed by Adrienne Brugard.  The patterns for these designs are available for 15¢ from your local pattern store, or you can request them by mail.  The Ladies’ Home Journal fashion editors would be happy to answer any questions regarding these patterns.  They can also give advice on how to convert your old, worn-out dresses into these costumes.


All costume illustrations were drawn by M. E. Musselman and appeared in the October 1911 Ladies’ Home Journal.  This issue is part of Modern Graphic History Library’s Periodicals Collection.

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.