Get Ready For Swimsuit Season With MGHL

It’s that time of year again: swimsuit season!  The quest to find the perfect swimsuit begins…and there are so many choices.


Al Parker illustration from Ladies Home Journal, February 1947.

For sunbathing on the beach while reading your magazines, you may want to try a Jantzen Velva-Lure with “Lastex” yarn one-piece for $7.95 or a wool seersucker two-piece for $6.95.

mghl_swim 2

Pete Hawley Jantzen advertisment, June 17, 1946.

If you plan to be more active, you may want to consider the Jantzen Nylastic girdle-controlled two-piece with a strapless “stay-bra” for only $14.95.

mghl_swim 3

 Pete Hawley Jantzen advertisment, May 23, 1949.

Of course, you could decide you want something that lets you enjoy the beach without showing quite so much.

mghl_swim 4

Cover of McCalls, August 1930.

After sunbathing, you may decide that you want to go in the water for a relaxing swim.

mghl_swim 5

Article from Ladies Home Journal, August 1910. 

If you’ve never tried to swim before, here is some advice.  Please pay particular attention to Tip #4: No Corsets!

mghl_swim 6

Now if you’re still worried about how you will look in your suit, it’s not too late to order these pamphlets from Delineator: only 25¢ each!

mghl_swim 7

Advertisement from Delineator, June 1929.


The Al Parker illustrations are part of the Al Parker Collection.  Pete Hawley’s illustrations are part of the Charles Craver Collection.  Items from Ladies Home Journal, Delineator, and McCalls are part of the Periodicals Collection.

Have fun swimsuit shopping!

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.