Germania Litteraria Mediaevalis Francigena — NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA

The Germania Litteraria Mediaevalis Francigena is a seven-volume reference work providing a comprehensive overview of language elements, poetic forms and genres, motifs, themes and works of German and Dutch medieval literature that were derived from French influences and models. An international editorial committee classifies, presents, and expands the research on this topic.

The seven volumes must be accessed individually:

Band 1: Die Rezeption lateinischer Wissenschaft, Spiritualität, Bildung und Dichtung aus Frankreich

Band 2: Sprache und Verskunst

Band 3: Lyrische Werke

Band 4: Historische und religiöse Erzählungen

Band 5: Höfischer Roman in Vers und Prosa

Band 6: Kleinepik, Tierepik, Allegorie und Wissensliteratur

Band 7: Gesamtregister

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