Franz Kafka: Dreams, Diaries and Fragments, etchings by Robert Andrew Parker

Robert Andrew Parker has illustrated children’s books and magazines, has created opera/theatre sets and published numerous illustrated books.  Distributed as a limited printing, his series of twelve etchings depicting excerpts from various Franz Kafka writings is a rare treasure to discover.

Here is a selection of these etchings with the Kafka excerpt inspiring their creation.

mghl_robert andrew parker_kafka

“During the first days, when I was till eagerly taking in everything, I spitted on of these rats on the point of my knife and held it before me at eye level against the wall.” Kafka, August 15, 1914, Diaries

mghl_robert andrew parker_kafka 2

“Several girls here dressed like the marionettes for children’s theatres that are sold in the Christmas market, i.e. with ruching and gold stuck on and loosely sewn so that one can rip them with one pull and they then fall apart in one’s fingers.” Kafka, October 1, 1911, Diaries

mghl_robert andrew parker_kafka 3

“Boarding-school girls in bright dress, with their arms outstretched, run into the garden behind a fence.  Barracks-yard of the dragoon regiment at night.” Kafka, March 17, 1912, Diaries

mghl_robert andrew parker_kafka 4

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.