Review for Retention

The items listed below are part of University Libraries’ collections marked for potential removal due to damage or having been superseded. Or they are duplicates identified as part of collection processing. Each item marked for deaccessioning will be listed for 30 days, allowing faculty to request retention. The table below notes the item record number, title, author, imprint, and why the specific item is on the list.

Please note that damaged items are only flagged for withdrawal if the damage is extensive and cannot be repaired without expensive and time-intensive conservation treatments or are considered irreparable. Some examples of this damage include mold, vandalism that renders the content unusable, or large sections of missing pages.

If a request to retain an item that cannot be repaired is submitted, library staff may contact the requestor to discuss the full extent of the damage and verify that the materials should be retained as is. Items that can be repaired will be entered into the preservation queue and will not be immediately available for use. 

Please note that the Retention List for Review table is scrollable from left to right. To view item records for listed materials, please search by call number or title in the University Libraries Catalog.

Any faculty member can request to retain a damaged, superseded, or duplicate item. To do so, please copy the item record number above and use it to complete the Request for Retention form. Faculty only need to make a single request for an item to be retained. This list does not include material from weeding projects; titles on weeding lists will be communicated directly to faculty and impacted departments. Thank you for your input.

Please contact the appropriate subject librarian if there are any questions regarding collections that support individual departments.