February Springer eBooks

Atoms, Molecules and Photons   by  Wolfgang Demtröder
Computational Quantum Mechanics   by  Joshua Izaac, Jingbo Wang
Dynamical Perspective on the ɸ4 Model   by  Panayotis G. Kevrekidis, Jesús Cuevas-Maraver
Dynamics of Electrons in Linear Plasma Devices and Its Impact on Plasma Surface Interaction   by  Michael Hubeny
Einstein and Heisenberg   by  Konrad Kleinknecht
Flavor Physics and the TeV Scale, 2nd ed.   by  George W. S. Hou
History and Science of the Manhattan Project, 2nd ed.   by  Bruce Cameron Reed
International Astronomical Union   by  Johannes Andersen, David Baneke, Claus Madsen
Introduction to Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory with (0,2) Supersymmetry   by  Ilarion V. Melnikov
Ludwig Prandtl   by  Michael Eckert
Photometry, Radiometry, and Measurements of Optical Losses, 2nd ed.   by  Michael Bukshtab
Physics and Engineering of Metallic Materials   by  Yafang Han
Physics and Techniques of Ceramic and Polymeric Materials   by  Yafang Han
Quantum Phononics   by  Kazutaka Nakamura
Quantum Photonics: Pioneering Advances and Emerging Applications   by  Robert W. Boyd, Svetlana G. Lukishova, Victor N. Zadkov
Quantum Signatures of Chaos, 4th ed.   by  Fritz Haake, Sven Gnutzmann, Marek Kuś
Relativistic Geodesy   by  Dirk Puetzfeld, Claus Lämmerzahl
Single-Frequency Fiber Lasers   by  Zhongmin Yang, Can Li, Shanhui Xu, Changsheng Yang
Solid-State Physics, 3rd ed.   by  James D. Patterson, Bernard C. Bailey
Upgrading Physics Education to Meet the Needs of Society   by  Maurício Pietrocola
Vasculopathies   by  Marc Thiriet

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