Father’s Day Gift Ideas from MGHL

Don’t forget that this Sunday is Father’s Day.  If you are still looking for a gift to give your dad, why not go with a tried and true, traditional gift: a necktie!

mghl_fathers day

Al Parker fiction illustration for Girl With A Briefcase by Ruth Lyons for Good Housekeeping, September 1956.

Solid colors provide nice accents of color…

mghl_fathers day 2

T.D. Skidmore fiction illustration  for A Diamond Setting by Octavus Roy Cohen from American Weekly, January 1932.

Diagonal stripes are also very classy…

mghl_fathers day 3

Illustration of unidentified man by Robert Weaver, undated.

Small polka-dotted patterns are also fashionable…

mghl_fathers day 4

Illustration of unidentified man by Jack Unruh, undated. 

For those wanting more color, there’s always multi-colored checkered…

mghl_fathers day 5

llustration of unidentified man by Robert Andrew Parker, undated.

Just remember, the color and pattern of the tie should coordinate with the shirt and jacket.

mghl_fathers day 6

Old Gold Cigarette advertisement by Robert O. Reid, Colliers, November 15, 1941.

Best of luck to you in your tie selecting.  Happy Father’s Day!


The T.D. Skidmore and Robert O. Reid illustrations are from the Charles Craver Collection.  The remaining images are from the Al Parker Collection, the Robert Andrew Parker Collection, the Jack Unruh Collection, and the Robert Weaver Collection.

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.