Exploration and Augmented Reality: Our Changing Earth

In addition to the Center’s travel resources and great spaces for quiet study, the Newman Exploration Center currently has on display the Augmented Reality Sandbox. Built by University Libraries Data Services team, the AR Sandbox integrates digital and environmental information in real time to display how topography, hydrology, and geological processes affect landscape through deposition and erosion.

The AR Sandbox uses a computer, 3D camera, digital projector, white sand, and the AR Sandbox Application to capture and overlay the change in water and soil as the sand is moved around. The camera sensor captures the distance to and shape of the sand, that data is transferred to the computer and sent to the projector which then highlights the sand with contours and colors.

The sandbox is an interactive tool to explore the importance of water, earth science, and conservation areas. It is on display in the Newman Exploration Center until Fall Break.


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