Jack E. and Debbie T. Thomas Gallery

Buzz Spector: Works On and Of Paper

Works by Buzz Spector. Left to right: “Altered Lewitt” (1985),”Encyclopedia” (1982), “Not Even” (2015)

The Thomas Gallery fosters discovery and inspiration through the display of Washington University Libraries’ vast and distinct collections. The exhibition space is stewarded by the Department of Special Collections.

Buzz Spector is a professor of art in the Sam Fox School who uses the book as a concept for exploration and as raw material in his work. Tearing pages and stacking books, he creates pieces that seem sculptural and that challenge traditional definitions of the book. The exhibit features examples of this deconstructive approach, along with samples of Spector’s photography, collage work, and poetry. The exhibit will be on view through June 2019.

Illustration Across Media: Highlights from the D.B. Dowd Modern Graphic History Library

Austin Briggs
Periodical illustration for “The Fast Changing South,” Look Magazine, November 16, 1965.
Walt Reed Illustration Archive

Henry Raleigh
Periodical illustration for “The Alien Corn,” by W. Somerset Maugham, Cosmopolitan, August 1931.
Henry Raleigh Collection

Printed pictures have marked the cultural landscape of the last two centuries. The people who drew such images came to be called illustrators and cartoonists. They helped to shape a new reading experience in modern periodicals, and marked the nascent medium of motion pictures.

 This exhibition features 18 works covering nearly a century. They help to capture the evolving roles and diverse practices associated with illustration: edification, amusement, and the amplification of fictional texts; visual journalism, information, and instruction; and the art of persuasion: commentary, advertising, and propaganda.

 We collect, preserve, and promote the study such works to foster a more complete understanding of the modern period.