Jack E. and Debbie T. Thomas Gallery

Lasting Legacies

A view of the Thomas Gallery featuring Tennessee Williams and A.E. Hotchner.

Lasting Legacies, the inaugural exhibition of the Jack E. and Debbie T. Thomas Gallery on Level 1 of John M. Olin Library, pays tribute to seven influential Washington University alumni whose work has enriched their respective professions and communities. Lasting Legacies will be on view until fall 2018.

The Thomas Gallery fosters discovery and inspiration through the display of Washington University Libraries’ vast and distinct collections. The exhibition space is stewarded by the Department of Special Collections.

The featured alumni in Lasting Legacies:

Philip Mills Arnold Philip Mills Arnold (1911–1994)
Philip Mills Arnold began collecting books and manuscripts in the field of semeiology while a Washington University student. As a lifelong collector and explorer with boundless curiosity, he amassed a collection of over 2,000 books. His collection focuses on means of communication outside of modern written languages.

John Ezell

John Ezell (1933- )
John Ezell has had an immeasurable impact on the field of American scenic design. He has designed sets for significant and challenging works by major American dramatists and for theater companies around the world. Ezell’s work is known for its eclecticism, scholarship and respect for the original text.

Henry Hampton Jr.

Henry E. Hampton Jr. (1940–1998)
Henry E. Hampton Jr. was a documentary filmmaker and the founder of Boston-based Blackside Inc., the largest independently owned African American production company of its time. For over three decades, Blackside created complex and award-winning series that aired on PBS, including the seminal civil rights history Eyes on the Prize.

A.E. Hotchner

A.E. Hotchner (1917- )
A.E. Hotchner is a memoirist, novelist, playwright and biographer who adapted numerous Ernest Hemingway stories for stage and screen. His book King of the Hill, an evocative memoir about growing up in 1933 St. Louis, became a major motion picture. He co-founded Newman’s Own Inc. with his friend and neighbor, actor Paul Newman, in 1982.

Mary Strauss

Mary Strauss (1937- )
Mary Strauss is a vigorous supporter of the arts in many forms. In addition to overseeing the restoration of the beloved Fox Theatre in St. Louis, she supports the performing arts with youth programs. Her unique collections include film and theater costumes as well as film posters and graphic arts.

Mary Wickes

Mary Wickes (1910–1995)
Mary Wickes participated in plays while a Washington University student and later became a well-known and successful character actress. She performed in almost 200 theater productions, more than 125 television shows, and over 50 films. She returned to Washington University several times to teach and perform.

Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983)
Tennessee Williams is considered one of the most important American dramatists of the 20th century. He wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning plays A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which later became successful films. He was a prolific writer who also published poetry, fiction, essays and a volume of memoirs.